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OfficialWireGrind OP t1_j1an2qy wrote

I'm don't following the part about proper nouns, but words are just the sounds that come out of your mouth. Hence the reason "computer" is a Korean word, or "bus stop" is a Hindi term, or "coffee" is an Icelandic word.


Yuri909 t1_j1aqknk wrote

It is hilarious that you keep tripping over my point and yet thinking that it's not the point. You are factually wrong. Those words are not spanish. You are also wrong about the words computer and coffee, neither of those have the origins you have ascribed them. You really need to just Google the word etymology with words you think you know where they came from. You clearly are pulling all of this out of your ass.


OfficialWireGrind OP t1_j1b1sin wrote

Do you have an idea in your head of how to define what a word is? How do you determine what is and what is not a word in a given language?

For the record, I am not claiming that computer and coffee originated in those languages, only that they are words within those languages.


Yuri909 t1_j1b70a3 wrote

You absolutely have tried to argue origin. You have zero idea what you're talking about and are asserting opinions about words that are not in alignment with centuries of documentary evidence. Evidence I personally studied as an undergrad archaeology and anthropology major with a focus on Mesoamerica. Your title is bad, and so are your arguments.


OfficialWireGrind OP t1_j1bm604 wrote

I think any argument would necessitate that we have a common understanding of the term "origin." I don't think that we do.

>You have zero idea what you're talking about and are asserting opinions about words ...

It sounds like your saying that if someone is speaking in Korean and they use "컴퓨터" (pronounced like "computer") in a sentence, then the sounds coming out of their mouth aren't Korean words. Am I following that right?

>Your title is bad

So are you saying that I should have used a different title?