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Thetman38 t1_j1j39lv wrote

I'll bite, what happened in 1994


[deleted] t1_j1j3yfo wrote

The ‘80s and early ‘90s loved murdering.


inactiveuser247 t1_j1l7q50 wrote

The argument from the freakonomics guy is that in around 96 the generation who were born once abortion was legalised started to become adults. At that time you had a huge reduction in the number of kids being born into situations where they were unwanted/ couldn’t be cared for/ or there were drugs etc involved. With that reduction came a matching reduction in the number of people growing up to be disfunctiknal adults.

Or something like that.


KittyKat122 t1_j1lpifn wrote

The freakonomics book is BS and not filled with much or any factual evidence. Check out the podcast "If books could kill" where they do a deep drive episode on it debunking the claims.


Sadoksad t1_j1lllf0 wrote

People don't realize how important kids are to our survival and mental well being. They can also drive you crazy of course but the joy they bring outweighs the annoyance.


inactiveuser247 t1_j1lpt7o wrote

Sometimes. You should hang out with some kids with FASD or serious development disorders.


Sadoksad t1_j1lr7fv wrote

*Most of the time. You're taking something that's uncommon and highlighting it as if it was common.


inactiveuser247 t1_j1ls45o wrote

You took something that’s uncommon and completely disregarded it.


Sadoksad t1_j1lwdqv wrote

I thought I was cynical but you're quite the one as well.


inactiveuser247 t1_j1lyle1 wrote

It’s been a shitty day to end a shitty year. Sorry about the snarkiness. Merry Christmas.


Sadoksad t1_j1m1w5i wrote

>It’s been a shitty day to end a shitty year.

Its been a shitty year. Period. All days included. Maybe I'm being slightly ungrateful but anyways Happy Holidays to you too. Stay safe.


MeAgain_st t1_j1jjlnh wrote

I’m pretty sure murder was in for all of the 90’s. Some die hard murder fans lingered up to the current era of cell phones making murder way more solvable/provable by law enforcement


bestvanillayoghurt t1_j1l46jh wrote

A generation of men with undiagnosed PTSD and drug induced mental illness from the 60s and 70s working its way through the system is my guess.


Aust-SuggestedName t1_j1l7o07 wrote

Randomness and disparate sample sizes/an ugly line graph


SueSudio t1_j1m9s0g wrote

Isn't this the number of homicides reported in California on Christmas Day? How is this an issue with sample size?


KingKohishi t1_j1j3pvm wrote

Epstein was in LA having a party with his friends.


CurlSagan t1_j1j70c8 wrote

Damn, murderers sure are getting lazy these days. Damn millennials and zoomers are killing the murder industry. What happened to traditions?


jterwin t1_j1k8k9x wrote

Looks like Christmas is just another day when it comes to murdering


bigsanity t1_j1j7tlj wrote

Why is it going up and down?


NotEnoughWave t1_j1jst8y wrote

Because there's always a random component to any single piece of data. That random component gets smoothed out when you take averages.


navidshrimpo t1_j1lp735 wrote

Between any given day, the amount of murders that happen is going to fluctuate a lot due to the relative rarity of murders. If you average lots of these days, or 365 of them in the case of a year, it converges toward an average.

You can think of each day as a "sample". Lots of days is a larger sample. This convergence is explained by the central limit theorem.


Wide_Attitude_1217 t1_j1jk34r wrote

See what happens when you bring family together? Murder


navidshrimpo t1_j1lp9jc wrote

This says absolutely nothing other than the central limit theorem exists. Christmas is not seemingly any more or less deadly than average.


YourWiseOldFriend t1_j1lgl7y wrote

Rudolph the sawn-off shotgun

Had a very shiny nose

He took out all the family

They used to be so very close


Trueslyforaniceguy t1_j1lhsos wrote

Then one foggy Christmas Eve

Santa came to slay

Rudolph, with a knife so bright

Silent, to n’er cause a fright

Santa never even saw him

Never had a chance, you see

Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight

He won’t even count to three!


Beavshak t1_j1j3p0p wrote

Ahh. So hide it under Christmas, thanks!


Vexen86 t1_j22pes9 wrote

It's still insane, don't these murderers have better things to do?