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Inamo t1_j1rhuth wrote

Why are you not always brushing your teeth twice a day?


DenL4242 t1_j1rsbdw wrote

My first thought. Anything less than 60 times a month is "yikes" territory for me.


flyingcreeds t1_j1rn8sa wrote

That…… data I do not have the patience to keep track of. Soooo good job?


bisette t1_j1s3e5k wrote

Since you’re keeping track of this stuff, I’m guessing it might be hard for you. If that’s the case, great job and keep it up! If not, I like the toothbrush graph, very clever.


04221970 t1_j1rcjct wrote

The nerd in me wants you to graph them against each other with a regression line to see how they might correlate