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giwidouggie t1_j1tfubo wrote

i don't think this shows what you intended it to.

This just shows that over time the song count went up and the IMDB score went down. We can not conclude that the score went down because the count went up.

The "interesting" plot (and I mean that strictly in data terms, couldn't care less about Glee) would be with these two parameters on the X- and Y-axis.


Vivid-Busyness OP t1_j1tgbbb wrote

I'm currently working with this data, so thank you for the suggestion. I did calculate the correlation between song increases and IMDb scores, and it concluded there was a weak correlation. However, the seasons that rank higher (S1 and S2, mainly) have the fewest amount of songs per episode.


AngleWyrmReddit t1_j1tng6z wrote

Given a song count, what's the IMDB rating? This seems like a problem that could be rewritten as a conditional probability. The reverse might also be possible, given an IMDB rating, what's the probability distribution of it's song count?


Elocai t1_j1trba1 wrote

This shows that there is not a correlation


XPlutonium t1_j1u12cc wrote

Remove the first 10 episodes. You’ll see basically no trend line

Plus the data itself is too volatile relative to its means to do much


Hsinats t1_j1u20ls wrote

One thing that I am seeing is the increasing variance for IMDB rating (heteroscedasticity). It seems like the later seasons were more hit and miss.

Edit: specified which trace had increasing variance.


NoFear6061 t1_j2bmfvr wrote

I know it’s been a while since I’ve seen anything of this show, but I can’t wrap my head around the idea that during one of the first season’s episodes, they only did ONE song...


Vivid-Busyness OP t1_j2bn6me wrote

My methodology isn't on here, but I only did songs released on the albums. There were two songs, but one was performed incorrectly so as to advance the plot, thus it wasn't on the album.

Either way, the first 13 episodes as they're called were the original batch produced. There are a lot of small things in them that are lacking from the rest of the series - fewer songs, Will having adult friends, Finn being an implied senior, the satirical nature, etc.


NoFear6061 t1_j2bqlxp wrote

The first two seasons truly were the best. And even those, in retrospect, aren’t that great. I stopped watching the series right after Cory Monteith died, and I NEVER quit shows (like, seriously, my OCD won’t allow it).


Vivid-Busyness OP t1_j2brifm wrote

I wasn't an OG fan, but I could imagine Cory's passing was shocking. He was a good man, may he be resting in peace. I agree with you about the first two seasons being the best. I think the first 13 still hold up pretty well because they were more plot focused as the fan feedback hadn't started coming in yet. Seasons 3-5 are unwatchable in certain places.