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topthrill08 t1_j214evs wrote

of the top five

  1. US airforce
  2. US Navy
  3. Russian Air Force (not sure how thats going these days)
  4. US Army
  5. US Marines

D_is_for_Dante t1_j214lix wrote

Holy shit I wasn’t aware that the army has its own batch of aircraft (I mean that’s what the airforce is for?). For the marines it makes sense I guess that they have their own.


topthrill08 t1_j218g9t wrote

for the army and marines I believe they have aircraft so they dont have to rely on another branch of the military that has different protocals and chain of commands. also Different Missions, Different Aircraft. Different Capabilities


mr_ji t1_j21b3my wrote

That's only going by number of aircraft. Going by value of aircraft, China and Russia are probably 2 and 3.


topthrill08 t1_j21bntb wrote

That is probably true!. the marines are a great example. numerous smaller specialized aircraft.


garret1033 t1_j220wah wrote

What? Going by value of aircraft probably makes the ranking less weighed in favor of Russia and China, no?