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jratreddit t1_j2veg0o wrote

can we see this with a longer time scale? i'd be interested in 1y, 5y 20y looks


NiGhTShR0uD t1_j2x7jbt wrote

This wouldn't work because everything else would look like a flat line at the bottom compared to Bitcoin.


jratreddit t1_j2x90df wrote

Yeah, I see your point, BC was a truly epic pump n dump scam, set a whole new bar for growth and collapse.


arianjalali t1_j2x973v wrote

I think you could get away with a 4y graph at most? But yeah agreed, including BTC before Q417 is gonna create an undesirable disparity


TrueBirch t1_j2xdfrv wrote

You'd have to drop Bitcoin, but I think it would make stocks look better, USD worse, bonds meh, and real estate all over the place.