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TrueBirch t1_j2y7gwc wrote

If you had gotten in right at the beginning, you could have made massive returns. I recently modeled the 5-year returns based on sale date. The days of getting filthy rich from buying $100 of Bitcoin are long past. If Bitcoin soared to $100,000 by the end of next year, you'd have roughly a 100% return over three years. There are plenty of penny stocks that offer a similar risk/reward profile.


johnnyhammer t1_j2y8x1g wrote

I noticed that you didn't answer the question, by the way. That shows me you aren't arguing with any honest intentions.


TrueBirch t1_j2yt7l7 wrote

My answer was "massive returns." Not sure how that's dishonest. I also linked to a chart quantifying what "massive returns" meant for 5-year holding at various points in time.


johnnyhammer t1_j2y8ht6 wrote

Did you just compare bitcoin to a penny stock?


TrueBirch t1_j2ytkmo wrote

Yes. If you're looking for a high-risk place to make a bet, you could do worse than a penny stock.