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[deleted] t1_j2wdynn wrote

Color labels aren't complete which automatically makes this one of the ugliest maps I've ever seen.


Kondrias t1_j2wmxoj wrote

For example, if both Bolivia and Peru are Whatsapp, why are they different colors?


Artistic_Bar8520 t1_j2ws69b wrote

Looks like to me that Peru is a mistake - most other colours seem to be consistent.

Although agree that the incomplete labels are ugly af


afuckingartista t1_j2wsb60 wrote

and Argentina and Perù are the same colour, but different websites


faustbr t1_j2wv3ao wrote

My main problem is that sometimes people don't know if they want a graph or a table, so they do things like this, mixing up elements of both. However, graphs and tables are for different purposes and they conflict with each other. The lack of consistency and the fact that the author probably wanted a table and made the graph just for posting made me irk a little bit. A graph isn't a good representation for this kind of data, especially for smaller countries.


vsmack t1_j2wwm8z wrote

Also please tell us which ranking the top site actually holds in its country and be specific which sites are excluded. Other than being prudish, there's no reason to exclude "inappropriate" sites, and certainly makes the info less interesting.


Sheamus_1852 t1_j2waowg wrote

Why exclude YT and FB if you’re just going to include Reddit, Twitter, and Wikipedia?


dreamsnicer t1_j2wbl31 wrote

It clearly says at the top, they saturate a lot of the top 3 so it would just be those everywhere. If you look now there is a lot of variety, so because twitter isn’t as dominant it is more interesting that it is at the top for some countries than if youtube was the top for a country while also being the top for most other countries.


Sheamus_1852 t1_j2wddl7 wrote

Half the map is Wikipedia and Twitter. Would of been a more insightful view to remove those as well.


hidden_secret t1_j2x2mwd wrote

Not really, as someone in Europe who rarely goes to twitter, it's interesting to me to see that south hemisphere countries are all about it, I wouldn't have guessed it was still that popular in some regions of the world.


danielv123 t1_j2ws3gn wrote

I am confused about madagascar. Orange, as in the french telecom company?


jonovan t1_j3pg857 wrote

OK, please do that and post your results. Thanks in advance! :)


Vindaloovians t1_j2ws7lv wrote

You should exclude Baidu then imo - it's effectively just Chinese Google.


dreamsnicer t1_j2wuup3 wrote

Agreed, it says other search engines so probably a mistake.


mion81 t1_j2wvo0a wrote

I love visualisations that are basically “all data excluding the data we didn’t like for some reason that is too hard to explain”.


hidden_secret t1_j2x2dtt wrote

Because if you included YT (or FB), the WHOLE map would only be that.

Whereas with Reddit, Twitter and Wikipedia, clearly there are some regional differences.


_MicroWave_ t1_j2wi7ce wrote

That's the whole point of this map


Sheamus_1852 t1_j2wq7jw wrote

The point of the map is to show most viewed sites. Then they threw in extra exclusions. Twitter and Wikipedia cover half of the map. I love the map and the data just questioning the process. Would be best to do multiple maps showing the paring down of heavy volume. What does it look like without filters except search engines, then this map, then a map with Twitter and Wikipedia pared out. I’d assume Amazon would be the dominant one after Twitter and Wikipedia. A progression to see what is most used outside of the biggest site would be interesting.


d2blues t1_j2w9skg wrote

Poor New Zealand with no internet.


Present_Maximum_5548 t1_j2xzpxm wrote

Almost the first thing I noticed. I don't think it's that they have no internet. They're probably just too busy gazing at the scenery and admiring one another's accents to care.


Pressburger t1_j2wahgv wrote

What a stupid fucking map that colours countries and then doesn't label what all of those colours mean.


0-san t1_j2wb171 wrote

yeah this shit makes me angry a lot of unlabeled stuff as well


electrowox t1_j2w6o34 wrote

It's Seznam for Czechia, not Senzam


VikaLover t1_j2xwl4w wrote

  • it’s a search engine. Basically a tiny Google.

electrowox t1_j2xww5m wrote

I'd leave it in because it's not only a search engine but also a news aggregator and email client, kinda your starting site with all the services you might need.


VikaLover t1_j2xxavb wrote

Well, yes. But so is Google.


electrowox t1_j2xxq07 wrote

But on is only a search bar and like three buttons, whereas on you have tons of news, weather, ads, overview of your inbox and trending searches


VikaLover t1_j2y8q4d wrote

Indeed, yet Google’s domain contains many subsections -,, and many more. If all of those were excluded, so should be Seznam.


DrinkinDoughnuts t1_j2wd6c8 wrote

This seems a very arbitrary decision to me what to exclude


MrMitchWeaver t1_j2x3hde wrote

Facebook isn't allowed but Twitter is?

And seriously whatsapp as a website is the top site for some countries?


Turtley13 t1_j2yw69d wrote

Yah that's weird.

People use a messaging app on their browser?


Magmagan t1_j3148sb wrote

...yeah, don't you?

If you're on the PC browsing, working, gaming or w/e I'll often keep it open so I don't have to reach for my phone to text?


LavoP t1_j31g4ai wrote

I use the desktop apps for all the chat apps I’m in


cosmopolitaine t1_j30xrsy wrote

Also Google “and other search engine” not allowed but China is Baidu, a Chinese search engine…


ARXEUS_ t1_j2wp3md wrote

The most shittiest map I have ever laid my eyes upon

Colors are not consistent

Labels are incomplete

Many contries are out

I'll leave out the political and scale issues


Karmafia t1_j2yfr79 wrote

Not to mention the exclusion of a lot of the data. What are we even looking at? The 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc most visited site for any particular country?? A segmented bar graph for each country would have been better.


lessthancale t1_j2weuq6 wrote

If you are going to exclude the most viewed sites don’t call the infographic the most viewed sites. Just do second most viewed sites or something like that.


Community-Member t1_j2zhtg7 wrote

Yeah, are Worldstar and porn sites the most viewed? Kinda curious now.


restore_democracy t1_j2wbeed wrote

But what if you exclude Twitter, Wikipedia, Reddit, Instagram, and Amazon?

Seems pretty arbitrary.


agustin_edwards t1_j2wl0r6 wrote

It bothers me Peru having WhatsApp, but using Twitter’s color. What is it? WhatsApp or Twitter.


fokke2508 t1_j2wrb5k wrote

So what’s it for the Netherlands and Denmark? There is no legend and both countries are excluded from the zoomed in map. Based on the colors I’d say it’s the same as Angola but I don’t think that is accurate.

Cool idea but honestly medium execution. This map is super hard to read because it uses the same colors for different results and only uses ticks for some of the countries.


HieronymusGoa t1_j2wdd9q wrote

im unsure that "excluding [...] inappropriate sites for a more insightful map" actually leads to a more insightful map.


paprikapeter t1_j2w9qco wrote

I would have expected that pornhub apoeated at least once


Tilimorf t1_j2w9xjz wrote

I believe that would be included in the "other inappropriate sites" that were excluded


mattmelb69 t1_j2w9z2p wrote

I guess that’s what they mean by excluding ‘other inappropriate sites’


jayminer t1_j2wbnh6 wrote

It was probably the top site everywhere, so removed.


[deleted] t1_j2wkfix wrote



arturmak t1_j2wo7kt wrote

Exactly. According to Genius Megapanel, which is a standard for estimating* websites' popularity in Poland for advertising purposes, in Nov 22 (the biggest marketplace in PL) was the 4th most popular website in Poland with 18+ Mio useres, while had only 2.5 Mio users. Here's a full list

*It combines direct measurement (in case of bigger websites) with statistical methods based on a panel of ca. 30k users.

Edit: now I see it's from Semrush. Well, Semrush's data is pure BS - Similarweb has more accurate data, a little bit overestimated in case of the biggest websites (while totally underestimates medium and small websites), but still more useful than Semrush's.


babyyodaisamazing98 t1_j2wkw8p wrote

So you arbitrarily removed sites until you got the map you wanted?


timelyparadox t1_j2wnt4i wrote

What a horrible way to visualize interesting data


vt2022cam t1_j2wjc0b wrote

Why include Twitter and not Facebook- arbitrary.


Leroyoo t1_j2wnb09 wrote

And here I sit in New Zealand. A black void. Nothing else exists, there is only darkness.


madrascafe t1_j2wcoih wrote

Pretty sure it’s WhatsApp in India


Tortol27 t1_j2wf7nc wrote

Pretty sure it's Whatsapp in Paraguay, as paraguayan I've never even seen the espn web page, and everyone uses whatsapp


foxfirefinishes t1_j2wjueo wrote

Here I sit, reading this on Reddit in the USA.


Relevant_Ring8250 t1_j2wm8e6 wrote

Very proud of the UK, but I wonder how many of them page visits are just because someone has asked you if the WiFi is working 🤔


luctian t1_j2woupg wrote

Who the hell looks at Wikipedia all day?


nick_gen64 t1_j2y6jv6 wrote

This again? Srsly? C'mon! There is no way jbzd is in the top in Poland and it's actually not any of the news sites like WP or Onet.


Apprehensive_Hat_553 t1_j2y8g7f wrote

I feel like if you’re gonna ignore Facebook and YouTube, you should have also excluded twitter, and Reddit


zaabz t1_j2ynv9y wrote

You do realize that FB and IG is basically the same thing?


WilliamWebbEllis t1_j2wh7i7 wrote

I'm interested in PNG. I saw on a similar map that PNG's most popular website was


WorkingRow3349 t1_j2wlth9 wrote

I would be interested to see this map but with all sites included, including Google, YouTube, and Facebook.


deck4242 t1_j2wnspm wrote

Why you remove facebook and google but keep baidu, vk and twitter .. ?


dopsicle t1_j2wpnms wrote

World is keeping up to date with news sites and the usual reddit/twitter, while Senegal be straight GAMING


odrea t1_j2wq5g8 wrote

The close up for europe is there, but "conveniently" forgot the close up of central america and the Caribbean...


Capinondo t1_j2wqrb2 wrote

This map is more believable, at least for the Philippines.

Everyone I know shops at Lazada. But only one person I know goes on Reddit.


uns5dies t1_j2wrfkm wrote

Good data but not beautiful


Desmack1 t1_j2wsfvc wrote

Also excludes p0rn sites.. Fake news!


gamer123098 t1_j2wu50w wrote

I think it would be interesting to see this data for porn sites.


johnnymetoo t1_j2wshgb wrote

Peru is light blue but it says WhatsApp instead of Twitter


MrEpicMustache t1_j2wso32 wrote

Anyone remember way back in the day when it was VWVortex?


Wout836 t1_j2wucwb wrote

Not to be picky but for Belgium you probably mean the news channel HLN instead of the hle that doesn't exist.


Showmeproveit t1_j2wuonc wrote

What does brown represent? Light blue, etc, like what kind of data is this?


BenCrosier73 t1_j2ww35v wrote

Interesting, I didn’t realize that the internet was divided so nationally.


Accomplished-Rest-89 t1_j2ww3rm wrote

How old is the data? Twitter not on top in the USA after Musk purchase?


bewchacca-lacca t1_j2wx31e wrote

Why are Peru, Bolivia, and Chile all the same color but have different top websites?


ferrel_hadley t1_j2wyk0d wrote

Youd have thought reddit was bigger in Germany. Perhaps fewer with more enthusiasm.


Malkavius2 t1_j2wz84u wrote

Afghanistan has Reddit!?!



ThinkerCoffee t1_j2x13qk wrote

Something is wrong, I do not see PornHub


abhashksingh t1_j2x2x5e wrote

Wikipedia being the top-most site in 22 countries is a surprise for me. People are reading encyclopaedia there. Wow!!
What co-relations can we draw from this fact? like general population being more intellectual or anything else.


Future_Green_7222 t1_j2x5lzz wrote

Why is Baidu not included in "other search engines"?


Smooth-Qactus t1_j2xb4yn wrote

What's that blue thing in Morocco mean ?


cooglesca t1_j2xf6yh wrote

Would not of thought Mongolia would be a hot bed for Reddit.

Shout out to all you in Mongolia, Hello!


pk10534 t1_j2xh4eq wrote

Why are mexico and Peru the same color when they went to different websites


Messikomla t1_j2xnypn wrote

I live in Ghana. Never heard of Asurancans. Might be an error.


Lord-Bootiest t1_j2z4uoe wrote

It’s for Korean manhwa (manga(comics)), and it confused me too


Gimmeagunlance t1_j2xu6n4 wrote

Why exclude FB but not Twitter? Also, why do some countries have a color that doesn't match their site?


[deleted] t1_j2xv0e8 wrote

Proof that the internet has just turned into a world wide business.


-UFOalien- t1_j2y2coc wrote

The most popular websites with a randomly selected subset excluded. Absolutely meaningless.


EnjoyPotatoes t1_j2y4htn wrote

You have VK listed at 4, but I count 5 countries: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan


Tokipudi t1_j2y5hi6 wrote

>"excluding Google, YT, FB, other search engines and other inappropriate sites for a more insightful map"

Either you exclude every:

  • Search engines
  • Social media
  • Video sharing platforms

or you don't exclude any.

Excluding Facebook but allowing Twitter makes no sense to me.


icecreammodel t1_j2ycyt8 wrote

I must be dense today, because when they said they excluded "inappropriate" sites, my first thought was: inappropriate for what?

Then I realized that they were using the language of my parents, born in the 1930s


Jman_The_5th t1_j2ydrc6 wrote

I'd say Madagascar is more of a peach color.


Sanzo21 t1_j2yi8qw wrote

Most popular websites in every country, except for the most popular websites of course.

This is fucking stupid


Kesshh t1_j2yrqrx wrote

So the most popular but not really cuz the author decided to censor whatever s/he wants?

In this day and age of extremism driven by internet bubbles, people are still doing it.


blobb63 t1_j2yyokh wrote

[OC] The most popular websites in every country, apart from the websites I didn't want to be there which were more popular.


0wed12 t1_j2z1yyd wrote

Is reddit that popular? I don't know a single person browsing reddit regularly In my circle.


EasyToldYouSo t1_j2z2u0e wrote

Here are the most popular sites after I removed all the most popular sites. Elon, is that you?


Fernsck t1_j2z8ewi wrote

Why would you include WhatsApp in Latin America and not iMessage in the United States? I don't see how including an instant messaging app crucial to life, in most cases for WhatsApp in Latin America, is a useful inclusion...


SA-man-means-thief t1_j2z9ey6 wrote

This map just told me Ghanaians are the most cultured people on earth


keykass t1_j300e1e wrote

Ain't no way Taliban is on reddit 💀


rcxwhiz t1_j304bj6 wrote

Senegal is home of the gamers


WebWeak77 t1_j305koc wrote

So, the BBC is also a website.... Fascinating, isn't it? 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🌐📡


scl17freak t1_j30cfcx wrote

So is Peru whatsapp or twitter?


oagc t1_j30gyh2 wrote

we should keep removing the last three most popular sites until all domains have been covered.


QualifiedCapt t1_j30uzb3 wrote

Inappropriate sites excluded. What do they think most people do on Reddit?


yegdriver t1_j310nz8 wrote

I just tried to register for the Russian VK site but as soon as I did, it blocked my account due to violation of terms. Is it because I am not in Russia? Tried to read their terms but couldn't find anything.


Monkey_King24 t1_j31jf8m wrote

I don't believe Instagram is the most popular website in India when WhatsApp is there. I am pretty sure it's WhatsApp.


Cnscs t1_j3b8xk4 wrote

I guess Senegal do love their XBOX


0tt0attack t1_j3jdggf wrote

I was like where is PornHub. “Without inappropriate sites.”


dac0 t1_j2wco8k wrote

Actually it’s insightful for once, instead of just seeing google and faceboo all over. Lacks more labels but maybe it would be clustered if every country was labeled.