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OhGodNotAnotherOne t1_j68y9g9 wrote

Crazier how it seems it's almost gone completely from reddit already.

I've seen exactly ONE post on it.

Just one.


Ztaxas t1_j6913z9 wrote

With 60k upvotes? Using the general rule that only 1% of people interact with content other than viewing it (ie rating), it means it reached over 6m people.


OhGodNotAnotherOne t1_j696sax wrote

Sure but stuff like this usually ends up plastered all over. Memes, serious discussions, etc.

I was surprised to just see one post.

Apparently I'm alone in thinking it's an interesting development, perhaps it's better to forget the whole thing and just move on to something important, like changing how M&Ms dress?


Vic287 t1_j69ayr5 wrote

It's because the cops weren't white.


TightEntry t1_j69t5xs wrote

It’s also because the cops were fired and charged with murder. What is the impulse to protest/riot?

Yeah what happened is bad, and it casts yet another harsh light on the realities of police in America, but at least it is being recognized for the heinous act that it is.

There is no “following my training/feared for my life” defense. Police unions aren’t lining up to defend the murderers and the police chief called the act out for being particularly bad.

I guess this is progress since the Rodney King beating.


dtreth t1_j6aou1n wrote

If the officers were white we wouldn't have seen anyy of that


Valhallapeenyo t1_j69myte wrote

Yeah, there’s no denying it at this point. These cops absolutely brutalized this kid, 110% murdered him. The lack of coverage this story has gotten compared to…. Similar incidents… is absolutely fuckin mind blowing.


caroticum t1_j69tylg wrote

Huh you were quite right. I checked my posts and they all seem to have 0.5-1% of interactions


1337haXXor t1_j69tymh wrote

1%? Wow. I would've guessed maybe 5-10% or something. Interesting.


elastic_psychiatrist t1_j69xbp3 wrote

Lol what? Half of r/all was posts related to it last night, all with over 50k upvotes.


OhGodNotAnotherOne t1_j6ajsu3 wrote

I'm speaking about my experience, not yours.

I don't even know who you are or your reddit habits to even begin to tell why you saw hundreds of posts and I only saw one at the tjme (3 now, since I originally posted, including the mugshot post that's at the top now).


anubus72 t1_j69pwg1 wrote

So many subreddits have rules that cause posts about it to be deleted because it’s "political" (see r/videos)


Dravous t1_j6ahc3c wrote

there's a reason, but that's all I can say.