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writerightnow18 t1_j3h3763 wrote

Revenue or profit over time is misleading even with inflation adjustments. A $0.15 ticket to see a movie in 1920 is equivalent to $2.23 in 2022.

In 2022 numbers a 1920 film would have sold 6,666,667 tickets to reach $1M and a film in 2022 would need to sell only 90,909 tickets at $11 each (ticket price average to reach $1M.

Do a chart based on tickets sold in order to show a film’s true popularity with the public.

… And don’t use white text on light grey.


OG-Pine t1_j3hifnr wrote

But then what about revenue generated through other means like streaming and such, or is that not included anyway?


pleasedontharassme t1_j3hjxnf wrote

I don’t think streaming was as big of a revenue generator before the 60s


OG-Pine t1_j3n3ult wrote

Yeah but if in the 60s you sold 1m tickets then that’s all your revenue basically, but today you might 500k tickets and also get 5m+ streaming views from people at home.


jradio610 t1_j3hswnc wrote

You’d have to normalize tickets sold with population and even then it wouldn’t be a fair comparison due to disparities in accessibility. Going to the theater to see Gone With the Wind was a much different and more prestigious experience than going to see Endgame.