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eric5014 t1_j3ogso2 wrote

We need a few more lines for break-even, 0.5x and 0.2x.

A comparison with conventional shares would be interesting too.


Agitated-Cow4 t1_j3odpmr wrote

So, i should buy when the lines are really high and sell when they get low?


t3rmi t1_j3qf1re wrote

Buy when they high and sell after 12 months


somedave t1_j3q2pfs wrote

So I buy 10 sets of shit coins, wait a year, then sell all regardless of price? This is what is being simulated here.


loud119 t1_j3qodcu wrote

Check out the book a random walk down walll street if you haven’t already. Legendary book on investing


Luisnazario12 t1_j44fsx9 wrote

We still have a chance, I mean there's a lot of coins (even unrealesed yet) that can make us rich af <3


Diamond_Road t1_j3pdr7f wrote

How could there be a 100% chance of people 2xing? Or 10xing? You realize some people bought at the very top?


constantino675 t1_j3pf769 wrote

this is based on a 12 month holding period. Jan2016 was $400, jan 2017 was 14000...

So apparently almost any random basket of crypto in that period would have gone up 10x, if only because btc went up 35x