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Bischrob OP t1_j3p9zry wrote

Made in R with gganimate package with data from the nflfastR package. Scaled EPA is a measure of offensive and defensive efficiency.


Gigzla207 t1_j3ptqsm wrote

What is R?


nunixnunix04 t1_j3qto5x wrote

is scaling from 0 to 1 based on worst and best a norm in the NFL stats field? I feel like doing a more typical scaling based on z-score (0 is league average, value is based on standard deviations from mean, no theoretical bounds) would be better, since one team doing especially well/badly can make the other teams seem significantly worse/better than they actually might be (you especially see this in the first weeks with the red dashed lines)


Bischrob OP t1_j3qwla8 wrote

In this case it was a constraint of the animation. Teams varied so much week to week (particularly at first) that the scales changed too much). This kept everything steady.


orad t1_j3r6fi6 wrote

That’s too bad. I think this information would be better displayed if it showed the absolute rating instead of relative