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pussyslayer6ixty9ine t1_j3pu9ug wrote

Technically the best all around team would be the one consistently closest to the top right corner since that is both the best offense and defense combined. Which is either the Bills or Eagles.


kllinzy t1_j3pwnc5 wrote

I think the scaling makes this unclear.

Since the top team is scaled to 1 and the bottom scaled to 0, the axis with the largest spread is being undervalued and the axis with the tightest spread overvalued.

It's possible that the defensive 0-1 axis is only 1 expected point, but the offensive 0-1 is axis 50 expected points.

Could be the opposite, too, or it could be different week to week. Basically, I think this is a terrible chart to answer that exact question (but a very interesting chart in general).


pussyslayer6ixty9ine t1_j3q6zqm wrote

Buy if the red lines represent the average for any given week then there is only a couple teams that consistently better than average and the chiefs aren’t one of them. With whatever matrix is being used


Earthwick t1_j3qyoyp wrote

Well technically the best team is impossible to tell from a chart since not all teams play each other and different divisions/schedules are more or less difficult. Take the chiefs having the hardest schedule into account and nothing on this changes but it makes it more impressive their offense was able to make up for their lack of defense. Doesn't matter how you win just if you win and if you win when it matters.