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AnxiousRatio t1_j473fty wrote

Brooklyn is one of the largest cities in America - it’s definitely a large city on its own, at least by US standards.


mikevago t1_j47g0rp wrote

Sure, but it's set up like a traditional city, with a downtown near the water, and less dense neighborhoods the further you get from that city center.


AnxiousRatio t1_j47hvxu wrote

Oh absolutely. Manhattan is definitely unique in the respect that it has downtown-style density from top to bottom.


Funicularly t1_j4a9wp3 wrote

Brooklyn isn’t a city. It’s a borough of New York City.


lokivpoki23 t1_j49lcfo wrote

If NYC was broken into five different cities for the five different boroughs, Brooklyn would be the second largest city in the US by population after LA.