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5kyl3r t1_j49lw6m wrote

ok well i don't care about stupid semantics. if the only addresses that are truly NY, NY are in manhattan, then i was right. and i heard this fact from my friend from brooklyn, which is why i even bothered to repeat it without looking it up


fledgeborg t1_j4cenzr wrote

You’re dumb

Source: Currently live in Brooklyn, which is a part of NYC


affictionitis t1_j4cgg3j wrote

It's not semantics, and you're wrong. Your friend is wrong. Have a nice day.


ElamHamishistheMan t1_j4ckqfz wrote

As a New Yorker and Brooklynite I shall speak to you in the language of my people:



lokivpoki23 t1_j49wwj1 wrote

I guess I didn’t explain it clearly enough, tbf it’s a weird concept to get your head around though. Here are some Wikipedia articles that might help you understand what I’m trying to say:

>All five boroughs came into existence with the creation of modern New York City in 1898, when New York County (including The Bronx), Kings County, part of Queens County, and Richmond County were consolidated within one municipal government under a new city charter. All former municipalities within the newly consolidated city were eliminated.

>New York City was originally confined to Manhattan Island and the smaller surrounding islands that formed New York County. As the city grew northward, it began annexing areas on the mainland, absorbing territory from Westchester County into New York County in 1874 (West Bronx) and 1895 (East Bronx). During the 1898 consolidation, this territory was organized as the Borough of the Bronx, though still part of New York County. In 1914, Bronx County was split off from New York County so that each borough was then coterminous with a county.

>When the western part of Queens County was consolidated with New York City in 1898, that area became the Borough of Queens. In 1899, the remaining eastern section of Queens County was split off to form Nassau County on Long Island, thereafter making the borough and county of Queens coextensive with each other.


eggsmackers t1_j4da0k0 wrote

Hey dumdum, quit commenting on shit you have no clue about.


Jasong222 t1_j4csy4c wrote

It's not the address that matters. It's the laws about jurisdiction, city limits, borders, etc. And those all day that NYC is the 5 boroughs.

There is no Brooklyn Police Department, if you live in Queens you pay NYC city tax, and so on.


vicmanthome t1_j4ddchr wrote

God you’re dumb! Lmao you’re not a NYer so how about you listen to us who actually live here and are trying to help you so you don’t sound dumb


[deleted] t1_j4h2up2 wrote

Lmao just take the L, you’re wrong, full stop.


Pastatively t1_j4eedy6 wrote

You are completely wrong. NYC is composed of 5 boroughs. The NYPD and NYFD cover all 5 boroughs. The subway covers all 5 boroughs. You pay New York city taxes in all 5 boroughs. All of the streets signs are the same color in all 5 boroughs. The driving and parking laws are the same in all 5 boroughs and the city government covers all 5 boroughs.

In short, you are wrong just admit it.


tsukamaenai t1_j4fukfr wrote

The subway doesn't really cover all 5 boroughs lol. SIR doesn't count.


Pastatively t1_j4jj5vw wrote

I was waiting for someone to make this contrarian comment. The Staten Island Railway is part of the NYC transit system, you use a metrocard or Omni to ride it, it is the same exact type of train as the subway trains, and it’s included on the official NYC subway map.


AnUglyUgly t1_j4g22f9 wrote

Live in Manhattan: nyc is Manhattan and cool parts of Brooklyn, hip-hop's history from the Bronx


Live in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx: nyc is all three, plus Manhattan


Live in Staten Island: nyc is 5 boroughs


Pastatively t1_j4jio4h wrote

When you are an actual New Yorker: NYC is 5 boroughs.


AnUglyUgly t1_j4kvggx wrote

Bro, it's a joke... I think you got your Yankees cap and timbs on a little too tight.


LetshearitforNY t1_j4gybxh wrote

My address is Brooklyn, NY, and I receive mail addressed to NY, NY.

You are wrong and your “friend from Brooklyn” was wrong.


gaberockka t1_j4mcycn wrote

I'm a native New Yorker. I've lived here my entire life. I grew up in Manhattan, and I currently live in Brooklyn. You are wrong. You're friend is wrong. You are making a fool of yourself. That is all.