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Cheetahs_never_win t1_j482s7v wrote

I remember my first credit card. I used it for like a $15 purchase. Once.

Then I tried to pay it, but being a little naive I typed in my routing number or account number incorrectly to pay it.

I checked the day after it should have gone through.

$35 charge because wrong account number.

$35 charge for being late.

I fixed it immediately, grumbling about that $15 purchase costing me almost $100, but accepting I was the dumbass who made the mistake.

THEN I received a nasty call from the credit card company demanding payment, to which I explained to them what happened and that I corrected the mistake and paid it off.

And then said screw it, and cut that thing up. They needed me more than I needed them.

Since then, I've had several credit cards, but they've never made a dime off me directly again.

Line of credit accounts, sure. Loans, sure.

But nope.