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JamminOnTheOne t1_j5q07xu wrote


Ross and Joey have Charlie Wheeler in common, but she's shown as two separate points in the image.


knighthawk0811 t1_j5q2afy wrote

right, and Mary Angela has to count as some kind of connection since she Joey's sister

that would mean Monica counts as a connection to Ross too though. use dotted lines for these somehow


alphaxion t1_j5qae2q wrote

With that logic then Joey has a connection to Phoebe, since he dated her twin.


TalkRevolutionary330 t1_j5s2pmh wrote

For Rachael, it’s not Josh. It’s Joshoooah. Also what about the girl who was moving in that both Ross and Joey dated at the same time?


Capable_Secret_3601 t1_j5sjj5f wrote

The black ?


Capable_Secret_3601 t1_j5sjp9k wrote

Oh the valvatine rabbit lady? From criminal minds & 2 & 1/2 men and stuff. He knew she liked cheese and rabbits or whatever


quick20minadventure t1_j5smjfz wrote

The one who was newly moving in and Ross got back hurt trying to hurt her stuff. Both ended up betting for 100 USD limit and scared her away, so ended up eating together in restaurant.


nathan_g_taylor t1_j5q5rvl wrote

Does Coma Guy count for a connection between Phoebe and Monica?


hermyown21 t1_j5s885y wrote

He should! If Jill Goodacre counts for Chandler, then this should definitely count.

Also what about the old guy who’s phone Rachel & Phoebe found?


cote112 t1_j5q2j6y wrote

I was at the gym and saw Ross and Phoebe trying to get it going on a pool table. But I guess that doesn't count.


sanchower t1_j5qa4j7 wrote

If Jill Goodacre somehow counts for Chandler, then that should definitely count


Ponchoreborn t1_j5rczbb wrote

How on Earth does Jill Goodacre count for anything?????

He spends time in an ATM vestibule with her in a blackout. He didn't date her in any way, shape, or form.


TonyzTone t1_j5r0blj wrote

Which would also connect Joey and Phoebe when she pretended to be Ursula and break up with him. They kissed, and he realized it was Phoebe as he was walking away.

Not a huge thing but they always had a bit of a connection.


sanchower t1_j5r8drm wrote

Also Phoebe kissed Rachel


diamondpredator t1_j5sju9p wrote

She kissed Chandler too. Well, technically, Chandler kissed her. Chandler also made out with Rachel. So Phoebe has actually kissed all the other Friends. Not something any of the rest can claim lol.


jellsprout t1_j5sxxu1 wrote

Did Phoebe ever kiss Monica?
Ross also almost completed the group. He's kissed everyone except for Chandler.


diamondpredator t1_j5u7wyb wrote

Crap you're right she never kissed Monica. They did have an intimate massage though lol.

Wait, Rachel has kissed everyone! She dated Joey and Ross, made out with Chandler in college, had Phoebe kiss her, and made out with Monica!


alohadave t1_j5tfcao wrote

Joey also kissed Phoebe on her birthday when she was sad, and he stated that he is like 1/16 Portuguese.


[deleted] t1_j5qas2e wrote



TommViolence t1_j5qcaxx wrote

No, it was a flashback episode based on Janice's question of "how many of you have almost done it?"


TonyzTone t1_j5r0ent wrote

Correct! It was right before Central Perk opened and the space was instead of bar with a pool table.


ecapapollag t1_j5qjdv0 wrote

Didn't Phoebe sleep with Jason Hurley an hour after he broke up with Monica?! This was mentioned in the episode with that goddess book.


hermyown21 t1_j5s84b2 wrote

I think it was the episode where they got George Stephenopoulos’ pizza, but yeah you’re right!


LickLickLickBite t1_j5qngea wrote

Joey and Chandler have also both dated Ginger. Joey accidentally threw her artificial leg in the fireplace after he slept with her; she was too freaked out by Chandler’s “nubbin” to keep dating him.


Coherent_Thot t1_j5qttj3 wrote

Didn't Rachel date Jean-Claude Van Damme? Monica wanted to but she was too nervous to ask.


Counselurrr t1_j5sehit wrote

Monica did eventually go on a date with him. Although only because he thought they’d have a threesome with Drew Barrymore.


Mission_Chocolate599 t1_j5sfne9 wrote

Came to say this, Rachel was on a date with him first and after a fight, she convinced him to go out with Monica, by saying Monica wanted a threesome with Drew Barrimore.


Pjoernrachzarck t1_j5t502w wrote

FWIW the showrunners and lisa kudrow and matt leblanc have stated so many times that Joey and Phoebe were fwb, it may as well be canon.


roadydick t1_j5t9von wrote

How’d you get the data from the website to the graph? Would be neat to see if you could ask ChatGPT for all of the relationships that the characters in friends have had in a relationship graph format that can be put into tableaupublic and see if it can bring back your dataset without you needing to scrape


donzzler t1_j5qxcj4 wrote

Wasn’t Elle Macpherson’s character named Janine? Not Janie


alopgeek t1_j5rq34e wrote

Chandler spent an evening in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre, that hardly counts as a relationship


Mercury-Fly1997 t1_j5qhpw6 wrote

The first words I saw were friends and benefits, I thought this might be a psychological analysis of the phenomenon


sumtengwung t1_j5sgb7p wrote

How did you miss the best Phoebe and Chandler intimate moment!

"I am very happy we are gonna have all the sex"


InterMando5555 t1_j5qkpbv wrote

For as interdependent as this friend group is on EVERYTHING this is really minimal crossing of sexual partners. If they were gay this would be a much more interesting map. (Source: am a gay man living in Amsterdam via LA).


G_Momma1987 t1_j5rywdp wrote

Rachel and Monica made out to get the apartment back.


mankytoes t1_j5qx2h8 wrote

The writers actually showed a bit of restraint with using the "they date the same person" sitcom trope. I mean just look at how many men Phoebe dates, and she never has a single crossover with Rachel or Monica.


imapassenger1 t1_j5rdfg0 wrote

Be interesting to see the Seinfeld version. We'd all be horrified at how much action George got.


dubtle t1_j5rgvbq wrote

Well, he did invent it’s not you, it’s me!


ErinBLAMovich t1_j5sf70z wrote

That was such a great visual gag on Seinfeld. George is so ugly and neurotic that he would be an incel irl, but he is always shown dating some hot woman. It was so over the top that it was hilarious.


garylapointe t1_j5s9t9g wrote

Why isn’t Joey and Ross’s connection to Charlie Wheeler connected on the chart?


MegaUploadisBack t1_j5r8zi4 wrote

Ross dated Janice?! Huh I don't remember that.


ToBlayyyve t1_j5rmool wrote

S5E12. Ross is bummed that Emily is getting remarried. She breaks up with him due to his excessive whining.


MegaUploadisBack t1_j5si80w wrote

Omg you're right, I have seen that episode. I remember his whining being the reason Janice breaks up with him, lol thanks.


epolonsky t1_j5rbtqs wrote

I feel like there should be an extra thick line for married characters.


bardmusic t1_j5rvqsl wrote

Phoebe and Chandler briefly "date" when she is trying to get him to admit he loves Monica, and he is playing along with it for lolz


phollox t1_j5s030h wrote

Ross and Joey dated Charley. There should be a connection there


readitonreddit34 t1_j5tcuxp wrote

I wouldn’t say Chandler “dated” Jill Goodacre. They were just smudfanafwastefool.


memespake0 t1_j5rgosl wrote

So basically Pheebs know the girl code by heart


Heightren t1_j5s3436 wrote

I just saw a short that Phoebe slept with one of Monica's exes an hour after they broke up


TheBatemanFlex t1_j5s4chi wrote

“Welcome to A Critical Analysis of Who's the Boss?

I am Professor Peter Sheffield, and I’d like to begin with a simple question: Who was the boss?”


SirCrazyCat t1_j5sar5j wrote

Rachel is missing Melissa Warburton (Winona Ryder).


and-no-and-then t1_j5siu7g wrote

Didn’t Phoebe sleep with someone on a pool table once? Ross or chandler


frambot t1_j5sjkpx wrote

Phoebe and Ursula should at least have a dotted-line honorable mention connection.


jackjizzle t1_j5t92b2 wrote


Now do it with How I Met Your Mother


douwannaseethegalaxy t1_j5tpo6m wrote

No dating connection between Ross and Monica? Seems like they could have added some dating story there.

I've never seen the show.


zer0icee t1_j5ubttw wrote

Charlie wheeler is connected to both Ross and Joey separately on the chart. Should be in the middle some where. There was literally several episodes about it.


caseyatbt t1_j5vehwy wrote

Did we get the name of "broadback" from the Linguistics department that Ross went it with?


LittleOneInANutshell t1_j5wsufz wrote

If Jill goodacre and Chandler are listed, you might as well list Phoebe with Chandler joey and ross


bonvct t1_j5s80zc wrote

Didnt the pilot end with Phoebe and Ross on a pool table?