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sanchower t1_j5qa4j7 wrote

If Jill Goodacre somehow counts for Chandler, then that should definitely count


Ponchoreborn t1_j5rczbb wrote

How on Earth does Jill Goodacre count for anything?????

He spends time in an ATM vestibule with her in a blackout. He didn't date her in any way, shape, or form.


TonyzTone t1_j5r0blj wrote

Which would also connect Joey and Phoebe when she pretended to be Ursula and break up with him. They kissed, and he realized it was Phoebe as he was walking away.

Not a huge thing but they always had a bit of a connection.


sanchower t1_j5r8drm wrote

Also Phoebe kissed Rachel


diamondpredator t1_j5sju9p wrote

She kissed Chandler too. Well, technically, Chandler kissed her. Chandler also made out with Rachel. So Phoebe has actually kissed all the other Friends. Not something any of the rest can claim lol.


jellsprout t1_j5sxxu1 wrote

Did Phoebe ever kiss Monica?
Ross also almost completed the group. He's kissed everyone except for Chandler.


diamondpredator t1_j5u7wyb wrote

Crap you're right she never kissed Monica. They did have an intimate massage though lol.

Wait, Rachel has kissed everyone! She dated Joey and Ross, made out with Chandler in college, had Phoebe kiss her, and made out with Monica!


alohadave t1_j5tfcao wrote

Joey also kissed Phoebe on her birthday when she was sad, and he stated that he is like 1/16 Portuguese.