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Weyoun2 t1_j4m8ccx wrote

That's a lot of sick time.


tyen0 t1_j4mafg2 wrote

They included mental health. Odd to phrase it as "sick", but evidently english is a second language since they drink Radler and "dinned" at a restaurant.


CyHawkNerd t1_j4nvkwe wrote

Also, the months aren’t in English


Caspi7 t1_j4pfmej wrote

Yeah it's Dutch


JulianMorrow t1_j4pv0aw wrote

Only some of the months are in Dutch. March/May/June/August are English. The whole thing could be made by a Dutchie though, quite a lot of mistakes in the English captions

Source: am Dutchie


Caspi7 t1_j4pv57u wrote

Yeah but januari and februari are quite dutch ;)


Yordrecht OP t1_j4modrp wrote

yeah, I also capitalize Words that should be


tyen0 t1_j4n8g84 wrote

No worries. It's all understandable. Plus I learned what radler is today. I will try it some day. :)


LanciaX t1_j4nbjpj wrote

Isn't it normal to drink Radler? What would the correct verb be?


tyen0 t1_j4ncffi wrote

That wasn't a grammatical difference but a cultural one. That's a german drink I'd never heard of as an american (even though I learned a bit of german). :)


Tysoch t1_j4np1py wrote

People gotta try radlers. Some people call them shandys in North America.

It’s just a mild flavoured beer and juice mix, they are bomb for backyard BBQ and picnics and hikes, very refreshing!


janolf t1_j4ox36n wrote

In Germany they’re usually not made with juice, but instead Sprite or another lemonade with a (preferably) 5% Pilsner or other blond Lager.

The occasions you mentioned are spot on though ;)


xeeses226 t1_j4p4789 wrote

I like to mix a light beer with palm bay.


Tysoch t1_j4qf85k wrote

Sprite, I’ll try that one time! We get Stiegl Grapefruit where I’m from in Canada, it just feels like a picnic every time I drink one!

Are there any that you recommend?


janolf t1_j4qwbon wrote

You really should mix them yourself imo, the bottled ones tend to be pretty sweet, which diminishes the refreshment. Ratio 60:40 beer to lemonade at least. I just tend to use whatever is in the house, might be something like Bitburger, König Pilsner or some other regional pilsner... Beck's should be fine although it's not my favourite.
The pilsner's bitterness tends to fluctuate a lot throughout Germany and adjacent countries, in northern Germany they're way more bitter than the Austrian Stiegl you get, which makes them more refreshing to me in a Radler.

Sorry for the essay on beer and Biermischgetränke :D


RS_Someone t1_j4ojaza wrote

Also goten and the month names gave it away for me.


danielv123 t1_j4prb4m wrote

And "libraried" as a hobby. That sounds cool though.


fjwjr t1_j4ml66l wrote

Well, it seems that coffee and family are making you sick….


Yordrecht OP t1_j4m5pdu wrote

Collected the data in Google Spreadsheet, made the graph in Dot.PDN

The illness this year started with with a fear condition, but at the end of the year I got an infected intestine.


Wooden_Imagination46 t1_j4pmupc wrote

Based on the data, perhaps you should cut back on coffee, could be a contributor to the infected intestine. And maybe increase alcohol intake again.


robdiqulous t1_j4oe6ok wrote

How did you find out you had an infected intestine? I imagine that's not easy to find.


Yordrecht OP t1_j4oz50p wrote

After a month of diarrhea youll start to suspect something is wrong


DisgruntledGoose27 t1_j4mfld8 wrote

Did you just not eat during october?


Yordrecht OP t1_j4mi7v3 wrote

I stayed at my parents during that time. At the beginning of the year I hadn't anticipated that that should be it's own category


panini3fromages t1_j4mazfp wrote

That's one hell of a social life! Am I asocial or are you way above average?


Yordrecht OP t1_j4mojqi wrote

Im actually quite surprised myself. But I did join some groups this year, and made an effort to do stuff with friends


Jeen34 t1_j4pyujh wrote

Is it though?? For a student I'll say that's quite moderate. I'm a student as well


cabezon99 t1_j4mi9h2 wrote

That's a lot of time to spend sick. Hope all is well


CantorIsMyHero t1_j4me840 wrote

I see your coffee consumption was very high around the holidays. Lots to do I suppose.


Wauwatl t1_j4nbqla wrote

I don't think a day has gone by in the last few years that I didn't drink at least one cup of coffee


dranaei t1_j4mi892 wrote

So when you feel sick you walk more, spend more time with family and cook less? Does that happen every year? Or was the internship that bad?


Yordrecht OP t1_j4mp0nl wrote

All true, expect for the internship being hard. I got a infected intestine. I cook less because I ate at my parents


mountain_man30 t1_j4ms1g7 wrote

Don't drink coffee, see family, or run and you might not get sick in November.

That's my take away.


Ed_Chambers_PP t1_j4mfnj0 wrote

Very interesting stuff. Did you set out with a goal of recording these specific metrics? I am doing a similar project this year for tracking my physical activities. I built a flask web application with a sqlite database, where I enter the name of the activity, date, minutes spent on activity, relative perceived effort, and notes. I'm looking forward to doing some visuals after a few months. I was interested in documenting some other life metrics as well but trying to keep the project scope creep to a minimum.


Yordrecht OP t1_j4mj6h8 wrote

I chose these metrics based on either me wanting to make sure I would do them (cleaning, running and working on school), or I thought it would be interesting how often did an activity (drinking coffee, volunteering and how often I see my familiy).


chiqu3n t1_j4n3tp2 wrote

How did you manage to cycle 100km and walk over 5km while being sick that day in November?


Yordrecht OP t1_j4nb555 wrote

Oh crap. That's a mistake. I did cycle but only like 30ish km. And I kept myself moving because it helped ignoring the pain. But yeah, mistake on my part


Sergy3 t1_j4okndn wrote

This is exactly what I want to do this year How can I start?


Yordrecht OP t1_j4ozams wrote

Make a Google spreadsheet with categories you're interested in. And just keep it up by filling in every three days or so


HippoKingOfOld t1_j4obiey wrote

Congrats on sober October and almost sober November.


distrucktocon t1_j4orn89 wrote

I want to see this all overlaying in one calendar because I’m a madman.


Not_Bill_Hicks t1_j4pop7u wrote

i also track my coffee days, it's called a calendar


djryanash t1_j4q8k3r wrote

Jesus dude. Why’d you get sick so much? 🤢


l4stun1c0rn t1_j4qpx8t wrote

I love how Radler isn't categorized as alcohol.


Sidewayspear t1_j4qv9gm wrote

Does a radler not count as alcohol?? Why did nobody tell me??


jhoond t1_j4maxnz wrote

How did you do it? Do you mundo sharing for others to try to track the same?


Yordrecht OP t1_j4mosd0 wrote

I just kept up a chart in Google Spreadsheet. And i made the graph in Dot.PDN


Nnelg1990 t1_j4mfrvr wrote

What did you eat in the first half of November?


Yordrecht OP t1_j4mjjss wrote

I ate at my parents. At the start of the year I hadn't anticipated that i would be something I would do so often. But it ill be on there next yeaar


CluelessSage t1_j4nxny6 wrote

Yo OP if you’re out sick that much, even including mental health days, you got a problem.

Find a doctor or a therapist or whatever you gotta do, but humans should not be sick that often.


janolf t1_j4oxbmh wrote

They are already in therapy per one of the other comments. People can still be sick while the underlying condition is being treated.


RedditNazisBannedMe t1_j4o1vpu wrote

Looks like you tried a possible New Year’s resolution of coffee once a week. Then caught yourself up in the 4th quarter


Yordrecht OP t1_j4oyxbj wrote

Actually, my new year resolution was to keep up these metrics, so I could make this post


thndrbrd87 t1_j4ow0c4 wrote

You didn’t eat much in November


climbing_scientist t1_j4oyabo wrote

I'm interested in your procedure - did you usually record your data as soon as it occurred or did you have a set recap time in which you would try to remember and note down all the occurrances that happened prior?


Yordrecht OP t1_j4ozkxl wrote

I would fill it in about every three days. It is therefore important that you chose subjects that are not to mundane.


climbing_scientist t1_j4pqhyh wrote

Great, thanks! And did you record your data in a similar month-chart design like the end result (then improved using Dot.PDN) or would you recommend a more numerical approach?


gods_loop_hole t1_j4p7c4q wrote

That is a lot of sick days. You ok, bro?


-TaranZhu- t1_j4p9g6d wrote

Can i using power BI to make this dashboard


Lem786 t1_j4pr98i wrote

bro just didn't eat in october 💀


BayesianKing t1_j4proxz wrote

I like the graphical layout of this chart, which tool did you use?


Yordrecht OP t1_j4py06d wrote

Dot.pdn But that is just a drawing software like photoshop


DrMike27 t1_j4px0ok wrote

Oh, Guillermo! You really should drink more water.


Dead-Yamcha t1_j4wzxqa wrote

So your family makes you sick?


kshump t1_j4np6zb wrote

"Holy smokes! You need booze!"