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excitato t1_j69nhuo wrote

Fairly shocked pikachu isn’t at the top of Gen I and really the whole series


PointyBagels t1_j6a6pq2 wrote

1: I'd guess Pikachu is like 93% at minimum

2: For better memory, people probably use a "system" such as starting at the beginning or listing the pokemon in order. Probably doesn't take too many people doing that but not finishing for some other reason to affect the results.


trentgibbo t1_j6b3t8b wrote

There is absolutely no way charmander is more memorable than pikachu. It has its own detective movie!


RedMonk01 t1_j6mwfe3 wrote

Charmander has it's own detective movie? Was it any good?


vazsen t1_j695c4v wrote

To be fair, the only way to get Lickitung was to trade for Slowbro on route 18, in a place you might go through once unless you know about the Lickitung (I didn't until now). It was also only available on Red and Blue versions. Newer versions might have changed this.


lawfulkitten1 t1_j6auuz9 wrote

I think people who watched the anime would be much more likely to remember Lickitung than people who just played the video game, because it shows up a few times prominently in episodes


vazsen t1_j6azb88 wrote

I remember lickitung from the sushi mini game in stadium


TywinASOIAF t1_j6cani4 wrote

Lickytung was the pokemon of Jessie. Before she traded it for Wobbufet.


spicer2 OP t1_j68f586 wrote

Source: Various quizzes on Sporcle

Tools used: Excel

Methodology/other bits: Not very complicated, just did each quiz and took the top and bottom in the stats.

What fascinates me is that the least memorable ones are quite uniform? Most of them either fall into a category of "spiny sea thing", "mushroom thing" or "thing that looks like a bell". Not quite sure if they're the least cute, but I feel there's something there...


emperor_scrotum_II t1_j695on4 wrote

Lickitung seems to be the only exception to this. There’s probably some psychological explanation to why these are less memorable - probably because they aren’t as cute as you said, which is due to the lack of anthropomorphism present in their designs.

As a side note, I’m surprised to see that Lickitung is the least memorable, I’d have guessed some bug type like Metapod for Gen 1.


StachedCrusader t1_j6aj297 wrote

Totally anecdotal, but I remember failing at guessing certain Pokemon due to not remembering how to spell them (I actually had to check how to spell Lickitung's name just now). When I'd fail at spelling it the first few times, I'd just decide to leave it for later to maximize my score.

Maybe the complexity of the name also has a factor?


thekyledavid t1_j6a0c80 wrote

As someone who has Chimecho as their favorite Pokémon of all time, I find this amusing


Elpacoverde t1_j6ab7ht wrote

I'm surprised, I didn't even remember Larvitar existing and was surprised when it dropped in Pokémon Go.


SnooKiwis3332 t1_j6acna1 wrote

Only reason I remember Lickitung was because of a Pokémon book I had as a kid and thought it was such a weird and funny one


Ampersand37 t1_j69wjgh wrote

How do i find where litten is on the scale?


markersquire t1_j6adi6i wrote

qwilfish chimecho and pincurchin surprising kinda