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vazsen t1_j695c4v wrote

To be fair, the only way to get Lickitung was to trade for Slowbro on route 18, in a place you might go through once unless you know about the Lickitung (I didn't until now). It was also only available on Red and Blue versions. Newer versions might have changed this.


lawfulkitten1 t1_j6auuz9 wrote

I think people who watched the anime would be much more likely to remember Lickitung than people who just played the video game, because it shows up a few times prominently in episodes


vazsen t1_j6azb88 wrote

I remember lickitung from the sushi mini game in stadium


TywinASOIAF t1_j6cani4 wrote

Lickytung was the pokemon of Jessie. Before she traded it for Wobbufet.