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Sisyphuss5MinBreak t1_j6cvvm9 wrote

The fact that the data is for desktop traffic only makes me think that that developed countries are overrepresented by this chart. The majority of social media traffic comes from mobile, making this data even more questionable.

For example, a 2017 study found Indians accessed the internet 80% of the time through mobile devices.


H_Lunulata t1_j6df90v wrote

Although I hear about them all the time, I've never met a person in real life who uses the reddit app, or something similar. I know lots of redditors, and they all use desktop.


ismaelsow t1_j6hurtl wrote

I installed the app because they kept bugging me with popups asking me to install the app. It was easier to submit than to resist. I use the app when I'm on the go.


SteveInMotion t1_j6dzxtn wrote

If you’re in one of the countries named on the chart, then you’re proving Sisyphus’ point. —> I’m in the US and only use the mobile app.


H_Lunulata t1_j6e2u51 wrote

but I've never met you

In any case, none use the app. They've all tried it and just thought it too sucky to use. I've tried it, and I wouldn't hate on it as much as people do, but I can't get enthused about scrolling through bullshit on a tiny screen when I have giant screens that I don't have to touch.

Bullshit needs a big screen for scrolling to be appreciated.


TisButA-Zucc t1_j6fjeub wrote

Are desktops really a sign of a more developed nation compared to mobiles? Don't underestimate the concept of internet cafés, or the amount of Microsoft offices in India, for example. I would argue desktops have a bigger budget range compared to smartphones, they can be incredibly cheap.