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colten122 t1_j4vn1pq wrote

also simply stop pumping people full of Narcan whenever they OD..


neckos t1_j4vo2kt wrote

Your solution is death?


stopmutations t1_j4w1tpb wrote

Nah they are making bad jokes. They don't believe this but since they probably aren't personally affected by this issue don't care enough not to offend others.


lunk t1_j4vspq8 wrote

People like this don't deserve an answer. I hope when he or his kids are stuck in the spiral of drugs, that he gets someone much more sympathetic than he clearly is, to save them.


definitely_not_obama t1_j4vq7l0 wrote

Y'know, all those people who died of COVID no longer use drugs. That's a win in my book.

edit: /s, because it seems like people didn't realize that?


Blue_Lust t1_j4vssga wrote

Kinda harsh, but itll thin the herd. 🤷🏼‍♂️


rigobueno t1_j4xlw3j wrote

It’s more than harsh, it’s beyond ignorant.


Blue_Lust t1_j4y1twx wrote

Ignorant is trying to beat Darwinism.


killerwww12 t1_j4zc6u0 wrote

Ignorant is thinking darwinism is applicable to human society


LeMeuf t1_j4w719g wrote

Are you ok? Even if you were kidding your comment shows a serious lack of empathy for other people. Everyone who has OD’d has loved ones who hope beyond anything that they will get clean eventually.
I think you’re a kinder person than this, I really do.


Laktakfrak t1_j4wylfh wrote

I dont think that would stop it because there are always new people gettinf addicted.

Personally I think the best way is legalising it and deregulating to the point its cheaper than prohibited heroin. Have it bought through pharmacies.

I think there would be a drop in young users and hopefully you could stamp it out. It would probably become something like tobacco.

Of course thats a super risky policy so nobody would give it a go.