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Divallo t1_j4x2ui5 wrote

How long is society going to pretend there aren't root causes to all these problems in America?

Skyrocketing Income inequality
No healthcare/Mental Health access
Dysfunctional hateful government
Prison capital of the world
Calls people heroes as they sacrifice them to the economy god
Police are a sadistic joke with no legal obligation to save anyone
Stagnant wages yet abusive work conditions
The media is owned by the elite who control the narrative and throw gas on the fire
Burning the world down to avoid confronting climate change

But sure lets just do a war on drugs because DRUGS are the problem.
Lets just ban all guns because GUNS are the problem.

When you look at the data for drug abuse and mass shootings yearly you see there's an undeniable trend and I know you know what I mean. Societal decline traces America's decline.

Look at America's problems and tell me only a psychopath would be angry. Tell me only a junkie would use drugs to escape this madness.

This never gets better until we stop searching for easy scapegoats and address the elephant in the room.

You will never solve sorrow and rage by blaming drugs and guns.


Emu1981 t1_j4z338x wrote

>You will never solve sorrow and rage by blaming drugs and guns.

But fixing societies problems means that people won't profit as much and we cannot have that now can we? /s

Honestly, I have been saying for years now that the issue that the USA has regarding guns and crime is down to social inequity. The less you have the more likely you are to risk it all to get more (i.e. purely risk versus reward). The lower the social status of your family growing up the more likely you are to have mental health issues that push you towards drug use to escape it all - happy well adjusted people are rarely self-destructive.


Divallo t1_j526r6q wrote

A big part of why I bring up the guns is that if we pacify society we become that much further away from being able to solve the root issues.

Disarmament in most european countries, Australia, Canada etc was done in a certain way.

They got universal healthcare first, they got groundwork for a civilized society first and then disarmed later. I think that's an important distinction to make.

But perception is power is important when it comes to bringing people to the negotiation table. People who are powerless don't get negotiations they get steamrolled.