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DenL4242 t1_j60ko3y wrote

If Mt. Everest were a cow, it would be the largest cow on earth.


pookiedookie232 t1_j627vhb wrote

Without a banana for scale I can't really understand the significance of this


Olhapravocever t1_j629gnz wrote

If my grandma was a bike....


RepulsiveLeather8504 t1_j615i88 wrote

It´s complicated enough as it is.
I don´t see any reason to include your mother in this.
We are trying to be nice here.


YetiGuy t1_j63hlcl wrote

Your argument is so far off though. I mean at least a YouTube and a library are comparable.

Let me fix that. If Mt Everest was a popsicle, it’d be the largest popsicle in the world. /s


tomiwa1a t1_j6b80iu wrote

I don't think it's fair to say that comparing Youtube to a Library is like comparing Mt. Everest to a Cow. For one thing, there is actually a pretty clever way to estimate the amount of text on Youtube and compare it to the amount of text in a library.

Maybe, if I explain how we made the graph you'll see that it's more apples to apples than mountains to cows:

  1. We calculated the number of hours of video uploaded to Youtube every minute from 2007-2022 source: statista
  2. We found how many words are spoken per hour of human conversation source: virtualspeech
  3. We calculated the number of words in the average book source: jericho writers

Then we did some calcualations with those numbers to arrive at 99,338,400 books on Youtube

You can see the details of those calculations here: