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ausdoug t1_j5rmpnu wrote

I really wish that y-axis had a maximum of 6


peedrun t1_j5s1eyh wrote

This is a /r/nextfuckinglevel shitpost


eddy_talon t1_j5rpd19 wrote

What's the Y-axis? USD? Pounds? Footballs?


Seabassmax t1_j5ruiw9 wrote

I don't understand the Y-axis either. It first I thought it was number of chickens, but that didn't really make sense. Logically it's USD but then the graph doesn't make sense. Unless the price is fixed and not per pound but if that's the case... What's the Y-axis? So I think it must be the number of chickens a nd get stuck in my loop all over again.


IggyPoisson t1_j5rvd0l wrote

It's a fixed price per pound with a max price of $5. Hence you get a pair of piecewise linear functions.


Seabassmax t1_j5rx52n wrote

Thank you! I don't shop at Costco an knew I was missing something obvious but couldn't get my head around it


crimeo t1_j5s4c92 wrote

Its not fixed, or the blue line would be horizontal across


st4n13l t1_j5tco63 wrote

You must have missed the part about the price maxing out at $5


crimeo t1_j5usarj wrote

Just because you contradict yourself in the next half of a sentence doesn't mean the first half is correct. It is not a fixed price per pound.

> Hence you get a pair of piecewise linear functions.

Also known as not a fixed relationship


PM_MeYourAvocados t1_j5sm0jp wrote

Chickens under 3 lbs are weighed and marked by weight. Therefore are priced under $4.99.

Never grab the one with the cheaper price, it's just small. Grab the biggest one you can see. Since anything at and above 3lbs is $4.99


crimeo t1_j5s48mv wrote

Units. The legend tells you which units per line


sittinginaboat t1_j5rqtrq wrote

Are they priced per pound? If there are separate, discreet prices, then this probably should be a bar graph.


crimeo t1_j5s45o0 wrote

Thank god someone's finally taking the actual purpose of this subreddit seriously. Wish I had 10 upvotes.


johndepp22 t1_j5rpp08 wrote

their tastiest loss leader