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____purple t1_j5an814 wrote

You only argue with people who agree with you? I'm not surprised


RonPMexico t1_j5anijs wrote

No. When you said the Russian government is the adult child of Russia, I realized you're not playing with a full deck. You are a window licker. A short bus rider. A literal moron.


____purple t1_j5ap7r9 wrote

I think that any government is comparable to an adult child of the nation.

Don't you think it's a good metaphor? Why?

I easily can tell you that you are a moron since your first comment. And I can go out and call a lot of people morons for various reasons. Cause I'm sure I know better, and I definitely know different. But instead I talk and show the thought process behind my opposite opinion, cause you know, calling people morons is not fun and not helpful

Y' know, youre even wrong that you wrote this comment. You should've just ghost me, if you have nothing to say. Feeling or expressing anger is not good for you in any way.


RonPMexico t1_j5aq7ej wrote

No. I want you to understand that small children and dolphins outpace you mentally. There Russians are responsible for this war. The Ukrainians would be justified in carpet bombing Moscow.


____purple t1_j5aqjlm wrote

Oh, I see... Are you Ukrainian? In this case it's alright, you've been through a lot of pain and you deserve the right to hate, I'm sorry for discussing a disturbing topic with you.


RonPMexico t1_j5art18 wrote

No. I am an American.


____purple t1_j5as6aj wrote

Ok let's continue then. Let's ignore Russia vs Ukraine for now, why'd you disagree that government is comparable to an adult child of the nation?