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N0MN0MCH0MPCH0MP t1_j5jgq9p wrote

Musk isn’t a founder…Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning are the founders


NintendogsWithGuns t1_j5k451s wrote

Yeah, but he made them list him as a founder when he joined. Not an actual founder, but legally speaking he has the title.


GuyFlawles t1_j5k9u2a wrote

Personally, when somebody says founder, I take it to mean 'somebody who founded something.' By this definition, Musk is not a founder. Just because he managed to wrangle himself the title doesn't change the reality


NintendogsWithGuns t1_j5kcc34 wrote

I agree with that statement. I’m just saying he managed to claim that title for himself, which explains why he’s often introduced as such and thus ends up on lists like this


Spacey42069 t1_j5kf1sr wrote

When those two blokes started Tesla, all they had was a name. It wanst even a company.

They weren't even registered. He got a headquarters for them. Elon was there when the first car was built. He put half of his money he got from paypal and built it from scratch.

If that doesn't makes you a founder idk what will.


PedanticMath t1_j5kojwq wrote

So is every initial investor a founder? I think the disconnect is between the definitions of the guys who dreamed it up, and the guy who took a chance and bankrolled it.


Sweaty_Chair_4600 t1_j5kwxy9 wrote

In physics, sometimes a person who makes an accidental discovery gets a Nobel but the person who came up with the theory before the accident doesn't.


PedanticMath t1_j5l7wl3 wrote

I’m not sure how the Nobel committee compares to how you define the roll of investment capital in this context. I was highlighting that a personal belief in the value of that role often determines how you frame it.


Spacey42069 t1_j5ktsre wrote

just dreaming it doesnt make you a founder. those arent the definitions of founder.

redditors should learn to see the reasoning behind their Elon hate boner


cippopotomas t1_j5l8srx wrote

>a person who establishes an institution or settlement.

It's actually the literal fucking definition haha. Maybe you should learn to see the reasoning beyond your Elon love boner.


Ravmagn t1_j5m7pz8 wrote

If he isn’t listed as a founder with registration authorities, he isn’t a founder legally speaking.


TechnicalVegetable42 t1_j5klsuh wrote

Musk doesn't found anything. He finds all kinds of shit and makes people say he created it.


mdog73 t1_j5o2vpf wrote

Someone’s jealous.


TechnicalVegetable42 t1_j5oivcp wrote

Sure I'm jealous of anyone who's never ever had to worry about money in their life. He isn't going to give you any of his money for standing up for him, by the way.


Spacey42069 t1_j5l9ckg wrote

Elon is a shitty person but what you are saying is pure bs.

He never said he created anything in tesla.


Whistlepig-junction t1_j5m3xxe wrote

Came to say this. The musk fan boys want you to forget this fact.


count-the-churros t1_j5pfiyw wrote

Warren buffet didn't found berkshire hathaway, but it would be completely forgotten if it wasnt for him. Same for tesla and musk.


porgy_tirebiter t1_j5nnbxj wrote

He may not have been born a founder, but he identifies as one. Who are we to judge?


frpranon t1_j5msorq wrote

The company was found in 2003, Musk entered in 2004.

He is a fundamental part of Telsa history and he is legally a founder and was CEO for most of the company years.

People just hating for no reason.