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PedanticMath t1_j5kojwq wrote

So is every initial investor a founder? I think the disconnect is between the definitions of the guys who dreamed it up, and the guy who took a chance and bankrolled it.


Sweaty_Chair_4600 t1_j5kwxy9 wrote

In physics, sometimes a person who makes an accidental discovery gets a Nobel but the person who came up with the theory before the accident doesn't.


PedanticMath t1_j5l7wl3 wrote

I’m not sure how the Nobel committee compares to how you define the roll of investment capital in this context. I was highlighting that a personal belief in the value of that role often determines how you frame it.


Spacey42069 t1_j5ktsre wrote

just dreaming it doesnt make you a founder. those arent the definitions of founder.

redditors should learn to see the reasoning behind their Elon hate boner


cippopotomas t1_j5l8srx wrote

>a person who establishes an institution or settlement.

It's actually the literal fucking definition haha. Maybe you should learn to see the reasoning beyond your Elon love boner.