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DM-me-ur-tits-plz- t1_j65eoln wrote

Kinda makes sense, people from Puerto Rico have easier access to the finely oiled machine that is the US entertainment industry.

Signing with US labels brings more exposure, being bilingual also doesn't hurt.


Massive-Cow-7995 t1_j65pnf1 wrote

Maybe it does inside The US market, but i assure you the majority of Brazilian have no idea who half of these people are


JBrewd t1_j66s36y wrote

If I had to guess, source does not consider Brazil to be LatAm


Wijnruit t1_j68460a wrote

It does, OP made plenty of charts including Brazil before


tybjj t1_j67547v wrote

Also LatAm pop includes Brazil but as non-spanish speakers, the culture and music doesnt really overlap with other countries that well.


LEBATOX t1_j6a1pwp wrote

lol, the top dude on there barely knows how to speak Spanish, so bilingual he is not.


Koso92 t1_j65889m wrote

Hands up if you only know 2 of these artists


DM-me-ur-tits-plz- t1_j65ec4q wrote

Fun game, I'll guess:

Drake and Taylor Swift?


KamahlYrgybly t1_j65ymhr wrote

I've also heard of Dua Lipa, but probably have not heard a single song by him / her / them.

The rest? No clue.


em_goldman t1_j67jgmj wrote

Y’all gotta branch out, the global top 50 playlist on Spotify is 🔥


KamahlYrgybly t1_j67s3xe wrote

Pfft, screw that noise. I have found my musical niche. I listen to psybient and synthwave and stuff, not exactly top of the pops material.


_kevx_91 t1_j683seh wrote

And do you feel better about yourself because of that?


dog_eat_god t1_j66amgm wrote

Somewhat off topic, but Puerto Rico is an amazing place that deserves far more respect from the US than it gets.


latinometrics OP t1_j64npvc wrote

From our newsletter:

Is Puerto Rico the music capital of the world? 🇵🇷

Puerto Rico, with 3.3M people or 0.4% of LatAm's population, is the birthplace of 6 of the region's top 10 most streamed artists on Spotify. Many of them are also top artists worldwide.

There is no way such a stat is a product of chance.

There must be an incredible force behind the success of so many artists from a tiny island roughly the size of Connecticut, the US's 3rd smallest state.

For over a hundred years, the island has been the motherland of original music genres:

• Bomba by enslaved Africans

• Plena by Jíbaros (native farmers)

• Danza (adapted from Europe's contradanza)

• and more recently, Reggaeton and Latin trap

The US territory, the only one that maintains Spanish as the official language, has one of the world's highest concentrations of music stars per capita (perhaps the highest).

When looking at Spotify streams, singers like Ricky Martin or Chayanne are at a disadvantage because they became big well before Spotify existed, so they do not appear on our chart.

However, the last 20 or so years have brought about a new era of rappers like Residente and reggaeton superstars, best exemplified by Bad Bunny, currently the most streamed artist on the planet for three years in a row.

Bad Bunny was inspired by “the King of reggaeton,” Daddy Yankee, who is 4th on the list despite also having somewhat of a disadvantage. His iconic song, Gasolina, came out in 2004, when your writer still burned custom CDs and used a Walkman.

Gasolina was listed as #50 by Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, and there's absolutely no way you haven’t heard it before.

Colombian J Balvin is number two on the list and has more streams than Dua Lipa and Taylor Swift. Behind every great artist, there's a great producer.

In J Balvin's case, that person is “Sky Rompiendo,” who is responsible for some of J Balvin's greatest hits and collaborations like Safari with Pharell Williams. Sky has also produced songs for Ozuna and Maluma, also top 10 artists, and many other Latin stars.

So, undoubtedly, Puerto Rico and Colombia LatAm's music capitals. The big inexplicable question is: why are there 0 artists from Brazil and Mexico in Latin America's top 10? 🇲🇽🇧🇷


Massive-Cow-7995 t1_j685tir wrote

>why are there 0 artists from Brazil and Mexico in Latin America's top 10?

Because you just took your list from the most streamed artists globally, and just assumed that represented latin american audience aswell, to go even futher to say Puerto Rico and Colombia is Latin American music capitals based on that is just wrong on so many levels


Massive-Cow-7995 t1_j65m9b0 wrote

No one in Brazil has any ideia who half of the people in this Graph is, it looks like the top 10 latin american artists in the US no shit puerto rico would have a high number, im suprised Mexico isnt on the list

Edit: the fuck is Drake doing on that list


ptvlm t1_j66320f wrote

The legend says the artists in grey are international for reference, so I assume that's to indicate the relative popularity of Bad Bunny.

FWIW, I know most of those artists, and I live in Spain (no interest in reggaeton, etc., but it's played a lot). Maybe it's just the relative language popularity?


Massive-Cow-7995 t1_j685bdc wrote

I've seen the source of this graph and it's just the most streamed latin american artists globally.

That doesnt take into account nations with a more insular music culture like Brazil, this chart from the most streamed music 2 days ago represents alot more acurratly who the average Brazilian streams.

What annoys me the most is the fact this graph is just misslabeled and painting a very large wrong picture of the region, it makes no sence for Brazil and Mexico, two nations with massive local music industries and population to not be on a list about latin american audience, unless you group in American and European audience giving the American based artists that have a more global appel a massive advantage


timelydogood t1_j67imp4 wrote

I've only heard of 2 of these people


[deleted] t1_j67f23h wrote



latinometrics OP t1_j67hgvi wrote

It does! No Mexican or Brazilian artist is present in LatAm’s top 10


Massive-Cow-7995 t1_j683p3n wrote

Again, the vast majority of Brazilians do not know who bad bunny even is, maybe spotify audience is not representative of most of our population

Edit: Your source claims the list comes from Global audience, it represents the most viwed artists from Latin America world wide, this list donsnt represent total music production nor actuall popularity inside latin america only


lucyfell t1_j67ys3y wrote

Was not expecting camilla to be on this list


ismaelsow t1_j6hzneb wrote

Didn't now any of these artists apart from Drake and Taylor Swift. r/dataisbeautiful as music discovery tool, learned something today :)


mikevago t1_j6i5vs9 wrote

This is good news for my Boomer mom, who calls every Spanish-speaking person Puerto Rican.


Jonathan-Shimshoni t1_j66ha1n wrote

Wait “bad bunny” is the most streamed artist worldwide?

Literally never heard of him but fair play he’s probably good


_OriamRiniDadelos_ t1_j67eya2 wrote

Currently he is, but Drake is still top of all time (he is 50 billion and bad bunny has 45 billion). This graph is just streams in LATAM tough. But his songs are short and catchy, very easy to listen in the background and not pay attention.


partytown_usa t1_j66ewnl wrote

They’re to Latin America what Iceland is to the US and Europe.


XMORA t1_j6579mg wrote

The title inside the graphic is wrong.


Veggies-are-okay t1_j64uxbn wrote

Woohooo another thing America can pillage from Puerto Rico!!!


ReturnToOdessa t1_j655ajm wrote

In what way?


Veggies-are-okay t1_j65lsz3 wrote

As is the case with most other countries/territories in the Western Hemisphere, America did a lot of meddling. Many corrupt governors were either instated or propped up (many of which went against their own people). Tried not to find a super sensationalist summary and I think dude below does a pretty good job of laying out the facts. Really interesting stuff and gives a lot of context onto why Hurricane Maria was such a disaster (beyond the whole blowing everything away part).


ReturnToOdessa t1_j65mfvt wrote

I'm aware of Puerto Ricos political situation and know a few things about its current and past history. I was just wondering how your comment related to music artists because I'm not familiar with its music business and failed to see the connection.