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FlipFlopsNPorkChops t1_j5lgwm8 wrote

A while back I worked for a national company with over 30K employees. Company decided to cut every employees salary 10%. CEO received a 20 million dollar bonus that year. Funny how that works.


scotchdouble t1_j5lypd9 wrote

This kind of shit should be outright illegal. Cut salaries or have a large layoff? Should be criminal to get a bonus, increased pay, etc. for at least a year following the event.


UnoKajillion t1_j5noied wrote

Costco ceo cut covid pay (admittedly was a temporary pay) and then gave himself and his cronies a big raise around the same time


InsaneInTheDrain t1_j5ovw16 wrote

They ended the COVID hazard pay ($2/hr), but increased starting pay by $1/hr and made adjustments across the board


SUPRVLLAN t1_j5ouwbp wrote

Was that in the US? Costco Canada made covid pay permanent.


_AlreadyTaken_ t1_j5olnc3 wrote

Blame the boards that give bonuses based on things like cutting costs with no restrictions on it.


Fausterion18 t1_j5pirmj wrote

I'll take "things that didn't happen for $400".

Salary cuts almost never happen like this, layoffs are preferred.