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gimmethelulz t1_j5liwc5 wrote

Last year my company made record profits for the 3rd year in a row. Then they told us they couldn't afford to give us cost of living increases for our annual raises. Then they gave the CEO a 15% raise🙃


MajorMustard t1_j5ms06c wrote

What company?


joy74 t1_j5mvp67 wrote

Almost _ any _ company


dethblud t1_j5nerqg wrote

My company gave 4% cost of living plus 2% bonus to everybody (before merit increases, even). We're notoriously cheap, but that's more than I've seen them give in 16 years. I was pretty surprised.


deaner_wiener1 t1_j5oy88v wrote

Nice that you got something, but I think CPI was 7%, so they still came out ahead


themaskedcanuck t1_j5p23ev wrote

We were congratulated on a great 2022 and given a 2.5% raise to go with the increase to our benefits that basically cancelled out the 2.5%.


gimmethelulz t1_j5qoxqq wrote

My favorite was when I used to work for a place that would consistently give everyone below the executive level a 1% raise, then jack up the cost employees had to pay to park at the office. Between that and health insurance increases, you were effectively taking a pay cut every year. And then they wondered why people didn't stick around.


pm_me_your_rigs t1_j5ool0o wrote

You guys literally believe anything you read on the internet don't you


KONODIODAMUDAMUDA t1_j5o99us wrote

Ours didnt give us our bonus because "our nps was too low". We just switched from a system where we were in the 90s to a new one in December that was scoring everything as negative, even good reviews.


SUPRVLLAN t1_j5ouhrx wrote

What is nps.


Weekly_Thought1612 t1_j5ox1e5 wrote

Net promoter score. Basically the survey question where they ask how likely you are to recommend a company or product.


mata_dan t1_j5pg1vd wrote

Ah those ones where either all responses are considered positive or all responses are considered negative depending on if the purpose is to brown nose or to drag people through the mud and they give you an extra free text field with a limit of 100 characters or something, and it's just a text input not a textarea, and that character limit isn't warned about before clicking submit.


clem82 t1_j5p1zyf wrote

Better than getting a 3% increase in a place with 9.5% inflation rate.

It’s a place that knows you’re losing money but makes you feel like you won


gimmethelulz t1_j5pcpow wrote

Yeah they gave us 3% last year. And when people asked, "But what about inflation?" the executives stuck their fingers in their ears and purchased some more stock buybacks. And then wondered why our turnover rate was so high last year.


threat024 t1_j5qinu3 wrote

In our they gave out a special dividend worth over 25 million and then did another 20 million of stock buybacks while not giving any raises smh.


gimmethelulz t1_j5qo3kp wrote

And then they wonder why there's no company loyalty anymore.