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CyanideKAide t1_j5mg87d wrote

Unionize. That’s how you get shit done. Weekends, 8-hour days, minimum wages, all of those were started by unions. I do really believe that’s how the world works, because that’s what I went to college and studied on for four years.

It’s unbelievably fucked, but that’s how capitalism works. Higher level executives make a much bigger impact, even though the frontline worker works harder and has a tougher job. But that doesn’t matter for wages. It’s not based on how hard you work, but instead your wages are based on money in compared to money out, and the supply/demand for the labor for your role.


Me_Melissa t1_j5puiiu wrote

You're right. Even when I was countering, I was thinking it. A CEO's direction impacts the behavior of tens of thousands of employees. Even if those behaviors only average earning the company an extra $10/mo per individual employee, that's already millions a year.

It's worth noting that the CEO's value is also embedded in the structure of the company. The hierarchy guarantees by definition that the CEO can have the biggest impact. If a company were more horizontal in its leadership and direction, then there would be less of a discrepancy in the amount of money different employees can earn the company with their ideas.