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True_FX t1_j5mhoar wrote

Athletes, actors, musicians and artists all dwarf CEO pay. Funny how you conveniently left them off the list.


sgrams04 t1_j5mixzb wrote

None of who you listed produce material goods that lives depends on. They’re individual entertainers, not corporations. I don’t think they’re in the same realm of, say, a pharma company selling drugs at a 600% markup.


Adventurous-Text-680 t1_j5n774r wrote

So you agree the entertainment industry should not pay them so much right?

R&D is expensive. Plenty of failed drugs happen. You think mRNA vaccines just happened overnight? No, it's been decades of research, much of which resulted in failure. They were being researched back in 1980s.

The reason most pharmaceuticals cost so much early on is to recover that r&d cost so they can continue doing research.

Now I am not trying to argue that pharmaceutical companies are never greedy or that they are somehow being fair with the pricing. It's just a bit more complicated than you are making it.

It's like saying instead of paying millions to these actors, why don't they pay less and give the money to pharmaceutical companies to fund the research so medicine can be cheaper for all.