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boblywobly11 t1_j5mjwy5 wrote

But make the comparison to Japanese or German CEOs compared to American CEOs and you start to see how much of outlier the americans are


Scrapplepuck t1_j5mq8s0 wrote

Yup. I work for a large Japanese company and this is true. Kinda proud of this fact, NGL! Sooooooo tired of the perpetuating myth of the CEO as God or “the smartest -that’s why he’s the CEO” BS. I think these myths are spun to justify this ever growing gap. Although this myth has been around for a long time, long before this gap got as crazy big has its gotten relative to average worker pay.


boblywobly11 t1_j5mwbxs wrote

End of the day, American workers and voters have got to stand up and do what the French are doing now. But the elites are too good at dividing them with racial, gender, class division smoke and mirrors (not saying that discrimination doesn't exist but they leverage it with media etc to distract us)


Fausterion18 t1_j5pl09b wrote

German and Japanese CEOs make similar amount of cash salary and bonuses as Americans, they just don't benefit from the American bull stock market that causes equity based compensation to balloon.

Also, they receive a lot of perks to make up for it.


boblywobly11 t1_j5s9408 wrote

Total comp matters. More importantly is there also stats for ratio of ceo pay to worker?


Fausterion18 t1_j5snvau wrote

That just makes Germany & Japan look worse because they have lower worker pay.