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dethblud t1_j5nerqg wrote

My company gave 4% cost of living plus 2% bonus to everybody (before merit increases, even). We're notoriously cheap, but that's more than I've seen them give in 16 years. I was pretty surprised.


deaner_wiener1 t1_j5oy88v wrote

Nice that you got something, but I think CPI was 7%, so they still came out ahead


themaskedcanuck t1_j5p23ev wrote

We were congratulated on a great 2022 and given a 2.5% raise to go with the increase to our benefits that basically cancelled out the 2.5%.


gimmethelulz t1_j5qoxqq wrote

My favorite was when I used to work for a place that would consistently give everyone below the executive level a 1% raise, then jack up the cost employees had to pay to park at the office. Between that and health insurance increases, you were effectively taking a pay cut every year. And then they wondered why people didn't stick around.