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Werdproblems t1_j5p8qrg wrote

We look at CEO as the highest position a working class stiff can achieve. But what if CEO is the lowest position a member of the ruling elite can be stuck with? Like, how do I study to be a CEO? How often do they pick the hardest worker for this position? How would i even get a board of directors to trust me with thier company? The only people who get there do it by serving those more powerful then them. The invisible puppeteers. The CEO doesnt do anything that isnt in the best interest of the shareholders. They're just the piñata for the working class stiffs to knock around while the strings are being pulled elsewhere. If you come from a family that owns gem mines or has created and destroyed nations then sitting in an office talking to peons all day is a punishment. Its hazing for the club that runs the world.

And the grift has gotten more intense. The heist is in its final stages. The proportionate amount of money hasnt gone up. The value has gone down for every one.