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SSupreme_ t1_j5q1jgv wrote

Why? CEO’s like all public company officers are appointed by it’s board of directors.

If the CEO doesn’t perform they are replaced.

The CEO’s decisions have a much greater impact on the company’s success than a low level employee. Thus, the CEO is often compensated according to the impact they make. This compensation can take the form of stock(RSU’s), bonuses, and salary.


bigloser42 t1_j5q1s67 wrote

…percentages can go above 100%. CEO should be in the 500-1000% range of the average employee salary.


SSupreme_ t1_j5q4k1r wrote

I disagree. The larger the company, the larger the compensation that goes to management. CEO and other officer decision’s have a major impact on a company’s future success.

So they are compensated accordingly.