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nutpeabutter t1_iuvkakt wrote

Try dreambooth. 600 is far too little for training a stylegan from scratch (heavy augmentation could help but I doubt it)


Niu_Davinci OP t1_iuvkw6k wrote

how many are good for a stylegan?


nutpeabutter t1_iuvl7on wrote

I really can't give a solid answer, but 600 is definetly too few (a few thousand is already on the low end).


Niu_Davinci OP t1_iuvlfhz wrote

If I can give you enough iterations do you know how to do it for me? would somebody do it?


TheDigitalRhino t1_iuw2bum wrote

It maybe worth it to use Stable Diffusion. Since the data set is smaller, it may not be realistic to expect you to create thousands of more.


Current-Basket3920 t1_iuxezmx wrote

The code is freely available and on Youtube you find videos on „How to use Stylegan“.


  • As already mentioned you‘ll need more data. 5-10k are already at the low end. You need more like 50-100k I think.
  • You need some serious hardware to train something like this. For Stylegan they used 8 high end GPUs for a week. I guess for Stylegan2/3 even more. You might be happy with less than NVIDIA, but it‘s no quick thing to do.
  • And even then there‘s no guarantee that it will turn out perfectly. It might need some fine-tuning, it‘s not a simple algorithm.

thePsychonautDad t1_iuyz5ob wrote

As others have said, you don't have enough examples to train a stylegan, but you can retrain Stable Diffusion on that few examples. That'll allow you to render anything you can imagine in your style too for example.