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Various_Succotash_79 t1_j9zdk8n wrote

They don't.

You pay the money, you get the membership. They don't restrict it to certain people.

I mean, I guess you could say that people who can and will pay $60 a year for a membership are a "certain kind" but that's only $5 a month so it's not exactly exclusive.

One reason for memberships is that if they catch you shoplifting or abusing the return system, they can revoke your membership. This helps keep costs lower.


ExternalUserError t1_j9zjs3c wrote

> You pay the money, you get the membership. They don’t restrict it to certain people.

You say that but you take one shit — ok ok — two shits in the rotisserie chicken station and all of a sudden you’re “no longer welcome at Costco” and “under arrest” and “deported from Canada.”


the_original_Retro t1_j9zn8b5 wrote

Hope they sent you via bus to Florida and dropped you off outside the Governor's house there.


blackjackgabbiani t1_j9zdrjo wrote

Yeah, and when you factor in that people can pool their money as well, that's even better.