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jowie7979 t1_ja5ltku wrote

Light is like a laser beam that travels in straight lines and can be stopped by things like walls and curtains. But sound is like a wave that travels through the air and can go through things like walls and doors. So, when you close your curtains to block the light, it works, but the sound can still come through because it can travel through the walls and doors. That's why you can still hear noise even when you try to block it.


schoolme_straying t1_ja5n43s wrote

At this point I'd add OP needs a little neurological insight, if he wants to sleep through the noise.

I used to travel a lot for business. I'd often sleep in noisy hotels. The recommendation then was to play a radio detuned a bit from the station. The dull meaningless noise would mask the external noises and sleep would come easy.

These days I just play Stephen Fry reading Arthur Conan Doyle's "Sherlock Holmes".

My audio book app goes to sleep after 20 minutes. If I'm still awake, I hear it play a ping 1 minute before it fades out and pauses. If I then shake my phone - the app detects the shake and resets the timer clock to 20 minutes. I've never heard the second ping


Fred2718 t1_ja5o256 wrote

Congratulations! You found a use for vocal Fry!