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Dfndr612 t1_jaf0a6t wrote

The Hole conditions vary as to location, security level of institution; minimum, medium, or maximum security, Federal versus State prisons.

In some places, it’s simply an isolation cell. Typically no phone, no commissary, no extra food/drinks, no mail or visitors during an inmate’s stay in solitary. Infrequent showers, rare opportunities for recreation.

In some prisons, the inmate is only allowed to wear boxers and a tee shirt, or a suicide prevention apron.

In the worst cases the cell could be dark and is often filthy.

Most prisons are smoke free, so definitely no smoking in the hole.

Customarily, the mattress is confiscated during the daytime, so there’s no place to lie down or sit.

On prison documentaries, I have watched many, they call it "the jail within a jail".

As an investigator, I’ve been inside numerous jails and prisons and believe me, everyone is miserable. Understandably.