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segelnhoch3 t1_jdlll6x wrote

Because they still get views and comments. Using people's anger ("That is so wrong, how can you even believe that to be possible, you ****") is a great way to get interaction with your posts and channel/profile. Its called ragebait


Clazzo524 OP t1_jdlmh0i wrote

Makes sense. Thanks.


WrongdoerOk6812 t1_jdlroqf wrote

Also, there probably aren't as many as you think. I personally can't recall having seen any of those videos while scrolling facebook. But if you've seen one and kept watching it, or even more if you've reacted to it, the AI algorithms start assuming you might like that content and start to suggest it more often. Even if you express hate or dislike about it, the algorithm classifies it as "something you love to hate" and still feeds it to you more. Meanwhile, the creators of such content get more views, whether their audience likes it or not, isn't their concern.


justbiteme2k t1_jdloiah wrote

..what use is having all these interactions giving the account owner please?


GalFisk t1_jdlozqe wrote

YouTube measures engagement, not positivity, and more engagement gives you a bigger share of the ad money.


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