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saschaleib t1_je4o4gn wrote

Meanwhile, ”let’s retreat to this old abandoned building that nobody cares about and that is located at a strategic and easily defensible location overlooking the city“ is probably as old as humanity itself.


atomfullerene t1_je5oj0b wrote

> probably as old as humanity itself.

Eh, well, it's probably slightly younger than however long people have been building stuff, heh


Bill_Clinton-69 t1_je8l2dv wrote

Aye, true

Shoulda gone with "retreat to [the high ground] is as old as humanity.


WhalesVirginia t1_je70bpz wrote

The Parthenon was a symbol even then. Invaders stored gunpowder there because it may make some think twice.

We see this even in modern conflict. People will absolutely use mosques or other historical buildings as a disincentive to attack.


I-melted t1_je5yqmh wrote

That’s because they didn’t have history in the olden days.



ClubLopsided t1_je66yw7 wrote

Philomena Cunk, is that you?


I-melted t1_je67ga1 wrote

Lol. She’s great. America have discovered her now. Much to my happiness.


valeyard89 t1_je8uhhf wrote

Yeah it's more like 'hey there's some nice flat stones I could build a house with'