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GsTSaien t1_jd2svsy wrote

Kind of. The market is not really there at the consumer level, google known no single person will pay for these features when free options are available. So they make their options free and as good as they can be so we rely on them. This makes the workforce have experience with their tools over others, so when a company needs to use something, they will prefer google services. Only a company needs to scale up, and so they pay for whatever they have to. It is cheaper to pay up whatever google asks than to train your workers on a different toolset every few years.


Epancho16 t1_jd31jdx wrote

I never knew there were paid for benefits in google docs, can you list a few?

I'm mainly a word user so I never spend more time than necessary in docs.


GsTSaien t1_jd333jd wrote

I think for docs it is mostly storage space, I think they are pretty tame in what they charge too, at least compared to other industry standard programs in their own fields.


5seat t1_jd35zjx wrote

Yeah, it's insanely cheap. I get 2 TB for 10 bucks a month.