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Longjumping-Pop-4894 t1_je3gq63 wrote

When I was younger and stupider, I was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with"exhaustion". It was explained that I had exhausted my body's resources and that's why I kept fainting.

Really, I had a heart arrhythmia caused by an electrolyte imbalance and malnutrition.

I was in my early 20's, a single mom, working full time and going to college. My diet consisted of grilled cheese crusts, nicotine and caffeine lol.


OneHumanPeOple t1_je39bfh wrote

It is not a diagnosis but a general description of what happens when a person collapses from stress.

It’s also perceived to be polite way to describe a mental health decompensation or drug addiction relapse that requires inpatient treatment. Hopefully we stop calling it “exhaustion” in the future because it only fuels the stigma of seeking mental health or addiction services.


Nakorite t1_je40qgv wrote

Celebrities can also afford to take time off for mental health whereas us plebs have to keep heading in every day for work.


didntdosmth t1_je4bne4 wrote

I mean, in every first world country you get paid leave for that.


Nakorite t1_je4brnh wrote

Not for months at a time


Linnie12345 t1_je4d9fn wrote

Up to two years in my country. Friend of mine has been off for 4 months due to burn out.


Mardershewrote t1_je4fpdq wrote

My university teacher was on paid leave for 2 years due burnout. She was my masters thesis instructor, so we talked a bit about it after she came back and it sounded pretty scary. She'd picked up her kid from kindergarten, drove a bit, and then she had to call her husband because she had completely forgotten where she lived. She was instructed to avoid all stress until symptoms went away, and that's how long it took.


gromm93 t1_je583yq wrote

Academia works differently though. Even in America they have sabbaticals for years at a time.


Nakorite t1_je4fyg1 wrote

Lucky she had a husband to support her for 2 years


KezzaPwNz t1_je393hh wrote

Heat exhaustion is the precursor to heat stroke. Exhaustion (fatigue) itself isn’t a clinical diagnosis, but usually an indicator of an underlying condition - eg anaemia.


hiricinee t1_je3avkz wrote

"Exhaustion" which famous people suffer from is something their publicist tells the public, it's essentially made up by them (even though the person might be exhausted.) The medical diagnosis they would probably have would be something like a fluid imbalance (they need to drink more water or aren't getting enough salt) or a problem with drugs.


Durooduroo t1_je431rj wrote

No it isn’t a medical diagnosis. It’s usually a euphemism for a mental or drug induced breakdown when applied to celebrities. Source: I am a doctor.


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VorAbaddon t1_je4ghcl wrote

To add to what others have noted about it not being a diagnosed condition and more a symptom of an undsrlying cause, I also want to add it can be used in a situation with MULTIPLE underlying causes where "Exhaustion" is just easier.

Say you have someone who has the following issues: Disturbed or broken sleep cycle due to undiagnosed sleep apnea, malnourished becuase their diet isnt complete/varied enough, high stress fatigue due to constant financial concerns, hypertension, blood sugar approaching diabetic levels.

You know, a fairly common American adult trying to work a 9 to 5 thats more a 5 to 9 while being worried about everything under the sun.

One of the effects of all this is the person is regularly going to be bone tired due to the lack rest, high stress, and poor diet.

"Exhaustion" covers the resulting condition of all of those underlying factors because its not one diagnosis, its a lot.