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the_lusankya t1_je4a17x wrote

The more invasive methods are more reliable, even when compared to perfect use of the less invasive methods.


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the_actuary t1_je49zkc wrote

Condoms are less cleaup afterwards, less hassle.


liberatedlemur t1_je4a99e wrote

why I (F) actually don't mind condoms at all :) but my partner (M) definitely does!


liberatedlemur t1_je4a812 wrote

having to think about it "in the moment". Stopping "the action" to put on a condom (plus, of course, making sure you have some! shopping, storing, bringing with you if you aren't home, etc)

When someone is on hormonal contraception, or has an IUD, or some kind of permanent contraception (vasectomy, tubal ligation) -- never have to think about it. Just... go with the flow in the moment :) no barriers, no stopping, no thinking about it.


kukukachu_burr t1_je4acc1 wrote

Which invasive methods are you asking about?


Say10sadvocate t1_je4f7iz wrote

Feeling my wife's wetness and warmth on my skin, and being able to ejaculate without pulling out, was well worth the vasectomy.


greatdrams23 t1_je4f80v wrote

According to the national health service, condoms are 82% effective.

"Perfect use: 98% effective. This means that 2 in 100 women whose partners use a condom will get pregnant in a year.

Typical use: around 82% effective. This means around 18 in 100 women will get pregnant in a year".


RuleIll8741 t1_je4h8c7 wrote

Condoms are great but putting them on kind of "pauzes the passion". Also just the instinctually good feeling of having your orgasm inside, feeling every bit of shaking, squeezing, warmth and other TMI things is an addictive feeling.


PG_rated_88 t1_je4ipo9 wrote

Because I don’t want to get pregnant? We already have 2 kids, we’re done