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Manofchalk t1_je81iit wrote

> Universal healthcare is publicly provided ... healthcare

Not necessarily.

Australia's healthcare system incorporates a lot of private healthcare providers, on the lower level (GP's, dentists, etc) to my knowledge it is mostly private.

Private providers negotiate with the public insurer, Medicare, for how much they are paid per medical procedure and any extra they charge to the patient or any supplemental private insurance they might have. Some aim to charge entirely within what Medicare provides (called Bulk Billing services) while others charge more.


Jf2611 t1_je8297v wrote

Very good point. There is a lot of complexity to the issue, but this is ELI5, so I thought it best to keep it simple.


Fortressa- t1_je958iy wrote

Just to clarify, private providers do not negotiate with Medicare. The Medicare Benefits Schedule is set and the provider can take it or leave it. There are tweaks and new items and occasional indexations, but the rate is the rate. Docs can charge whatever they want, and the patient will only get back what the MBS says.