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TheHangerMan t1_jdv42xu wrote

The steam doesn't leave, so heat and pressure doesn't leave. It's like how you get warmer with a blanket on


Chromotron t1_jdvfblz wrote

The pressure leaves immediately, and so does necessarily some steam. Otherwise that pot would turn into a bomb very very fast. Actually very little pressure is needed to lift the lid up; one atmosphere of pressure is some hundreds of kilograms on a decently sized one, so maybe 1% of that is enough.


krovek42 t1_jdw0lbf wrote

Probably more accurate to say that steam produced under the lid will tend to condense on the underside of the lid and eventually run down back into the pot. It is transferring some heat to the lid in doing this, but the lid can’t radiate heat away as quickly as steam can take it away when it drifts off.