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Glum_Butterfly_9308 t1_iub9vte wrote

There are some digital tests now that say “pregnant” or “not pregnant” (and also some kind of digital ovulation tests - I think they flash a smiley face if you are ovulating).

They are more expensive, wasteful, and would have to be different in every language.

The way the test usually works is that it responds to a hormone you produce while pregnant. If that hormone is present, you will see two lines. If you’re not pregnant you will just see the control line. This is very rudimentary - making a test with a digital screen is a lot more complicated.

People who are actively trying to have a baby may take dozens of tests over that time. They usually buy a box of cheap tests that are literally just a tiny strip you dip in a cup of urine (as opposed to a big plastic one you can pee directly onto)